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Amphitheatre p30

30 m2
Surface Area
64 m2
Surface Plating
6,2 m
70 m3
3,8 m
48 persons
35 persons
Standing with buffet tables

Having a portable, safe event venue is the luxury during planning an outdoor event without the certainty of good weather. However, any successful event planner knows that comfortable guests are happy guests.

geodesic dome tent is an unique, mobile structure which is going to impress all… The dome illuminate with the natural light and create the atmosphere of being close to nature, in a comfortable environment. The sphere shape, with the perfect tight cover, creates an outstanding portable, eco friendly space. Look up at the stars in the night sky through the skylight, and in the morning, enjoy the mountain view through the transparent front… This small dome can easily be set up with just a ladder, wrench and a couple of helpers. In a short amount of time (less than 4 hours), you can set up a glamping spot, party space or VIP lounge, anywhere you like. Thanks to its compact size (1,5m. x 1,0m. x 0,8m when disassembled, fitting on a standard Euro pallet), the Polidome 30 booth dome can be easily packed up and relocated. This size event tent can also be used as:

Polidomes Geodomes are flexible and modular, with extensive equipment options. You can easily connect a Polidome 30 with a tunnel to other Polidomes Geodome structures. The dome is ideally suited to promote your brand at fairs and exhibitions. A branded dome can be a superb marketing tool and major part of your brand identity. Let everybody know who you are and what you do! For all sizes of Geodeome, we offer :
  • Opaque and transparent shells,
  • Optional transparent fronts,
  • Completely transparent,
  • Branding and removable decals
kit includes

Each tent kit includes:

  • Steel Structure
  • Set of screws, washers and nuts
  • Steel alloys for assembling the structure
  • Steel entrance arch
  • Unique tensioning system
  • Ventilation holes
  • PVC door with lock
  • Installation instructions + video
Set price up from:

5 500 €

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