Geodesic Dome Tents

Geodesic Dome Tents


All domes are available in a variety of colours, styles, sizes and patterns. We specialize in customizing our products to meet the needs and specifications of our clients.


Domes can easily be modified to meet individual needs. Each Polidomes Geodome is manufactured in accordance with  EU structural regulations.


We place great importance on style, strength, stability and elegance. All of our Geodome designs have been engineered to meet such criteria. Read more.

One of the smallest dome tents in our offer, the P30 is easy to set up with just a ladder, a wrench, and a couple helpers. Its compact size means it’s easily packed and transported.

Serving as an amazing pop up or eye-catching trade show booth, the P50 can help you promote your brand and increase your sales results.

As with all Polidomes Geodomes, the P75 can be used be in an open format as an event stagegeodesic amphitheatre.

The P110 is a popular choice for wedding events, trade fairs and other outdoor events with 50 or more attendees. It’s the perfect size for festivals or art exhibitions.

The P150 is the largest event tent on offer which does not require heavy equipment for installation. Instead, we use our own pneumatic lift.

The P300 is the most popular event tent. A P300 often is supported by smaller domes, connected by tunnels to form a city of Geo domes.

The P500 provides an exclusive space to make any dream come true. It’s perfect for events requiring flawless execution, such as corporate events, grand openings and galas.

Our biggest party tents give you the space and ability to cater for thousands in the location of your choosing. We offer the additional accessories you need to fulfil your event venue requirements.