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Polidome 500 Geodome

515 m2
Surface Area
982 m2
Surface Plating
25 m
4090 m3
12,5 m
980 persons
390 persons
Seated at tables
600 persons
Seated in rows
510 persons
Standing with buffet tables
With over 500 square meters of interior space, the Polidome 500 Geodome can serve as a temporary or permanent:

The perfect choice for ambitious plans !
It’s the perfect choice for an ambitious plan!
Each of our Geodome structure is designed to bear additional loads. We can happily equip your Geodome with light, sound or audio-visual equipment. Our inventory is constantly growing to accommodate our customers’ requests.
Event planning is a whole lot easier with one of our certified event coordinators there to help you every step of the way. From design to execution, we will lend our expertise where it is needed most and provide you with unparalleled service. From large events to intimate gatherings, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere.
Corporate functions, openings, fund raisers and gala events depend on flawless execution and professional partners and suppliers. Polidomes has the experience, equipment and the skill to bring your vision to life.
With many different Geo dome options, we’ve got exactly what you need in stock and ready to go! Contact us today.

kit includes

Each tent kit includes:

  • Steel Structure
  • Castomized PVC cover Poly Opak 850 gr/m2
  • Set of screws, washers and nuts
  • Steel alloys for assembling the structure
  • Steel entrance arch
  • Unique tensioning system
  • Ventilation holes
  • PVC door with lock
  • Installation instructions + video
Set price up from:

77 000 €

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