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Projection Dome P110

Surface Area

110 m2


6,7 m


12 m


448 m3

Surface Plating

220 m2

Persons standing


Persons Seated



Set price up from:

21 450 €

Weather proof, up to 120 km/h winds

Fully brandable

Customised version available

Rental option available

High performance engineering

We deliver and install

Projection Dome details

  1. The structure of projection domes is based on high-quality steel frames. A cinema dome does not need inside walls or additional columns and supports. It is all based on a metal frame that is very strong, resilient and safe. 
  2. The outside membrane of a cinema dome is made of high-quality material that is very resistant to mechanical damage. Moreover, it is fireproof and waterproof. It’s most prominent feature is complete opaqueness. No natural lighting gets inside. Shows can take place inside buildings as well as outside, regardless of the weather and sunlight. The surface layer of a projection dome is also a great place for effective and aesthetic branding.
  3. The inner membrane, the so-called projection liner, is an innovative, unique system developed by Polidomes. It’s a perfect inside lining made of material that is used in cinemas. The projection liner is installed and fitted to a dome with vacuum pumps.
  4. The image presented on projection dome screens is very clear and accurate. A projection is displayed on a spherical projection dome screen that is attached to the steel frame with the use of vacuum pumps. A screen installed in this way covers the steel structure perfectly, providing the audience with a chance to be fully immersed into virtual reality. 
  5. Multimedia projections in cinema domes use sets of Full HD/4K projectors, specialised calibrating software, and an independent Dolby 5.1 sound system with individual effect control.

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Each tent kit includes:

  • Steel Structure
  • Customized PVC cover Poly Opak 850 gr/m2
  • Set of screws, washers and nuts
  • Steel alloys for assembling the structure
  • Steel entrance arch
  • Unique tensioning system
  • Ventilation holes
  • PVC door with lock
  • Installation instructions + video