Polidomes offers design and production of unique tension fabric and tensile membrane architecture. These high quality tensile structures are ideal to be used for halls, museums and galleries as well as sports facilities and roofing solutions for halls, walkways and parking lots. They are designed to attractively and economically span large distances with a minimum amount of support. Among others, they are often applied in the form of sweeping roofs, dramatic canopies, dismountable and relocatable pavilions as well as exhibition venues.

Our tensile fabric structures are characterized by tensioning of a fabric membrane system using cables, wires, steel or other forms of support systems. Tensioning the fabric not only eliminates creases but creates a clean sharp appearance. The high quality of tensile fabric materials are fortified to withstand all weather conditions or potential damage and built to last for decades.

The combination of a steel structure, tension lines and highly durable fabric membrane provides unlimited design possibilities. Thanks to this, we are able to create highly original and unique objects specially designed to meet any client’s individual needs. We use specialized high quality technical fabrics and designs that transfer tensile stress. Thanks to this modern support and material system our structures meet all applicable building and safety requirements and are extremely durable.

In close cooperation with our clients, our team of experts supervise and coordinate the entire investment and implementation process. From the initial design to final realization our team works closely with the client at every stage to make sure the final product comes out exactly as envisioned. Our many years of international experience and competitive prices make us not only an effective, but also cost-efficient general contractor.

Polidomes’ structures and installations are not only resistant to the most severe wind, snow and rain, but create a unique space and distinctive atmosphere. The advantage of our solutions is high functionality – we can effectively cover large areas with a relatively small number of supports, thanks to which our projects provide a large, free surface space area and distinctive look.

Our architecture and design department can supply you with a graphic realization of your intended project. From initial design to project completion, our team of experts pride themselves in making our client’s dreams become a reality. Contact us today to find out how we can make your vision come to life.