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People are captivated by domes –  their unusual shape draws peoples’ interest like a magnet, which provides an ideal solution if you are looking forward to drawing a crowd or need a large temporary space to host an event for many people. The spherical space of geodesic structures creates a place that provides an inspiring escape from the cubical environments we are accustomed to which is why everyone who steps into a dome looks up in awe and wonder.

Geodesic domes are often considered one of the strongest and most efficient structural designs ever devised. This means the ability to do more with less – fewer materials and less waste.

The Geodome’s structure is composed of galvanized steel tubes, which provide the dome with its strength and stability. The materials are carefully selected, and the structure assembled with precision. Throughout the process, safety is of paramount importance. We take into account not only the usual weather conditions, but also the possibility strong winds, snowfall, hail or heavy rain. We consider all possibilities to be certain each Geodome tent is safe and stable.

Domes are available from 5m diameter up to 60m in diameter and beyond. 

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Polidomes International

We are a leading manufacturer of geodesic dome structures. Our international team of experts have distinguished themselves as industry pioneers by placing special emphasis on design and creating products of the highest standards of quality, safety and functionality. Our core philosophy is to ‘create the unique then improve upon it’. We know that ergonomics, economy and functionality of structural design of geodesic architecture are imperative. Every product is hand crafted with the needs of our individual clients in mind.

We provide our clients with innovative, top-quality structures that offer comfort, safety, and peace of mind at every stage of use.

The possible uses of our Geodome tents are limitless

Thanks to our extensive and innovative range of products, our many clients worldwide have found innovative solutions for organizing festivalsevents and promotional campaigns. Polidomes Geodesic Domes have served as showcase spaces for meetings and events hosted by some of the world’s largest companies and brands. The possible uses of our Geodome tents are limitless – they are perfectly suited for use as VIP spaces at exclusive events, as temporary spaces for parties, as well as for advertising and entertainment events and marquee dining or shopping spaces. Our geodesic tents can serve as a temporary venue for interactive entertainment, or simply as an alternative way of spending time in your garden or backyard.

Events are our true passion!

We not only sell and rent Geodomes – we are well-known for providing the highest quality solutions efficiently and with professionalism. Our range includes the safest, strongest, best-engineered and most elegant variety of geodesic dome tents available on the market at unbeatable prices. We constantly strive to improve and keep abreast of the latest technological advances in the design and construction of Geodome tents making certain all our structures strictly comply with all legal and safety regulations. We always look forward to establishing long-term relationships with satisfied customers. To that end, we take an individualized, expert approach to client service. Our team of specialists will be happy to answer any of your questions and assist you in any way possible.

Featured Projects

 Our cutting-edge designs and unique solutions have made us a number one trendsetter in the field of geodesic architecture. Our portfolio includes many of the world’s largest brands:

Aug, 2019

360 degree fan dome, Detroit USA

Detroit-based Rocket Mortgage, the first end-to-end completely customizable online and on-demand mortgage experience, has stepped up to bring one of the biggest esports events in North America to Detroit.

Sept, 2019

Northern lights center, Iceland

Polidomes assembled three large and unique Glamping domes for the Aurora Basecamp, a new northern lights center. These unique and individually-created glamping domes have been crafted by Polidomes for special nights at Aurora Basecamp glamping resort

Aug, 2017

Katara Cultural Village, Quatar

The exhibition, to which the world’s most celebrated musicians were invited, was held between the 20 th and 24 th of September at the Katara Cultural Village, an unusual cultural center near the Persian Gulf which includes a museum, shopping mall and amphitheater.