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What we do

Polidomes is a leading designer and manufacturer of geodesic dome tent structures (6m to 50m),
as well as technological integrator of 360 immersive-experience hardware solutions for domes.
We are full solution providers for all event related services and world’s largest
supplier of additional equipment for geodesic dome tents.
We specialize in fast, accurate production, delivery and assembly of fully equipped,
made-to-order, geodome structures both for sale and rent worldwide.

Serving Major
Clients Worldwide

Immersive Reality Solutions

Polidomes experts offer the latest in Immersive Reality and XR (AR/VR/MR) solutions including hardware, software and content production for both temporary (rental) and permanent installations worldwide.

Polidomes Cylinder 360 Immersive Multimedia Video
Polidomes International


Events | Exhibits Experiences Multimedia

Custom & Turnkey Solutions
Art - Design
Polidomes Immersive Reality Solutions

Your audience!

Whether You are looking for a modernized workspace, interactive exhibit or experiential marketing solution we can bring Your theme project to life in an incredible way that will leave a lasting impression on Your target audience.

ISE 2022 Immersive Dome Solutions PDF

We Create

Immersive Experiences expand viewer’s perception of reality, envelop them in a real or simulated world, reach audiences on a core level and enable users to enjoy and even control and interact with their surrounding environment.

Immersive reality solutions

Polidomes Geodesic Immersive Dome with Tunnels
Polidomes Immersive Reality Solutions

Your One-stop Technology Center

We are Technology Integrators and Innovators of both Turnkey and Custom Multimedia and Immersive Technology Solutions. We use the latest state-of-art equipment, multiple HD projectors and displays to create interactive, immersive, high-tech, artistic exhibits and content oriented experiences for all purposes.

Experiential Media & Marketing Solutions

We specialize in custom designing original, Experiential Media and Marketing Solutions for major Brands. We integrate a combination of the latest interactive and Extended Reality technologies (AR/VR/MR) with geodesic architecture to create original Experiences for events, festivals, trade shows, product launches, VIP parties, etc.


Projection Domes

For maximum audience impact, our 360° Fulldome Projection Domes (6 to 50m in diameter) are a favorite choice for clients to make any venue, event, exhibit or exhibition a success.

Our multi-purpose Projection Domes are used for tradeshows, education platforms, cultural and music festivals, gaming, museum exhibits and VIP parties, just to name just a few. Any digital content can be dynamically displayed in 360° on the fulldome to create an open immersive experience with HQ full surround sound. Multiple HD projectors combine to produce a seamless display of crystal clear projection mapping content which covers the entire inner dome screen.

360 Projection Domes
Event Immersive Dome by Polidomes

Immersive Cylinder Rooms

Polidomes 360° Immersive Cylinder Rooms are an ideal way to present your brand, products, exhibit or services anywhere. Your audience will be stimulated by a full surround, crystal-clear display. Add interactive capabilities to fully engage your users attention.

Our Portable Immersive Cylinder Rooms are lightweight, easily transported and setup and create an ideal space to display your own chosen digital content in 360°. They are an ideal solution for tradeshows, simulations, exhibits, workspaces, entertainment and much more.

Immersive Cylinder Room
360 Immersive Cylinder Room for Multimedia Content

Dome Screens

Polidomes Suspended Projection Dome Screens create a 360° Immersive display in any open space. Dome Projections are exceptionally striking and make powerful promotional and exhibit tools. Polidomes Dome Screens can be either suspended from the ceiling as well as floor mounted on support legs enabling viewers to freely walk beneath them.

Ideal for Art, Museum and Cultural Exhibits, Brand and Product Presentations, for Expos and Malls, among others. The following video is an installation we did for the Gandhi Museum in New Delhi of an interactive 360° Spherical Screen:

Suspended Projection Dome
Exclusive Event Geodesic Domes with 360 Immersive Projections

XR (AR / VR / MR)

We offer a full range of Immersive and Extended Reality (XR)
services including Shared VR which creates a VR experience
whereby content can be viewed and worked on by a group in an open
environment with or without VR headsets. Polidomes designs immersive workspaces such as conference and
board rooms. Shared VR is often used for presentations, simulations,
teleconferencing, trainings and remote work.

Shared VR

Partner Alliances
& Content Production

To implement unique Projects Polidomes has formed
close alliances with world class technology solution
providers to deliver full service of custom designed,
architectural and Immersive Reality solutions including
content production of all digital formats (360O, CGI,
animated, projection mapping etc.)


& Development

Polidomes Lab, our R&D department collaborates with universities
and scientific experts for testing and development of our geodomes
and Immersive Reality solutions. Polidomes has introduced a wide
range of improvements and architectural and technological
innovations that no other manufacturers offer.

Polidomes LAB

What is Immersive

Immersive Technology surrounds users with
content which is either computer generated
imagery (CGI) or 360° projection mapping
video which is superimposed over the real
world as extended or augmented reality (AR).

Immersive Reality


We take a personal hands on approach to every project
we work on. We look at our client’s success as our success!


We provide full
consultation services
to be certain your
project comes out
exactly as planned.


Using Auto CAD
software, our team of
experts will create a
3D graphic illustration
of Your proposal to be
certain the final
project will come out
exactly as envisioned.


To ensure the highest quality,
Polidomes produces 99% of
its structural elements
in-house in our own factory.
Parts are then moved on-site
and assembled by our
professional construction

& operation

We offer full training
and ongoing support
of Your own team to
be certain they are
fully capable of
operating any
technical equipment.


Our team of architects
and engineers custom
design geodesic and
freeform structures of
any style and shape
imaginable of the highest
structural integrity and


Our technological
integrators custom
design even the
most sophisticated
Immersive, digital
and XR (AR/VR/MR)
hardware systems
(multiple display,
projector and audio
systems, life-size
holograms, special
effects, lighting,


Our software experts
make certain all hardware
is easy to operate,
combines perfectly and
fulfills it’s intended
purpose. Besides custom
software, we also offer
world class, multi-system,
gaming and e-sports


Content is the key and
our world class creators
and digital art studios
produce custom
designed theme content
for entertainment,
education and industry.
All immersive formats
available (fulldome, VR,
AR, CGI, projection
mapping, etc.).

Ongoing service
& support

Whether You need
full-time personnel to
operate your equipment
or simply need ongoing
service and support, our
team is ready to serve
you 24 / 7.

Let’s reach the stars together!

Have a wild idea for a project? We specialize in innovate solutions.You dream it and we will build it!

Please share your ideas with us!

Let’s arrange a zoom call to discuss
possibilities. We look forward to
hearing from You!

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Polidomes Geodesic Structures

We are a leading manufacturer of geodesic dome structures. Our international team of experts have distinguished themselves as industry pioneers by placing special emphasis on design and creating products of the highest standards of quality, safety and functionality. Our core philosophy is to ‘create the unique then improve upon it’. We know that ergonomics, economy and functionality of structural design of geodesic architecture are imperative. Every product is hand crafted with the needs of our individual clients in mind. We provide our clients with innovative, top-quality structures that offer comfort, safety, and peace of mind at every stage of use.