Introducing our photo gallery with many images of unique projects. The latest developments in geodesic construction allow us to be a leading company in the market. We are introducing further innovative applications of our geodesic domes such as fulldome projections, mobile planetariums, restaurans domes, igloo domes and apre ski and much more...

Geodesic Domes

Event Domes

Unique and modern geodesic tents for unforgettable events. Stand out with a one-of-a-kind event space.


Experience immersive events with geodesic amphitheaters. The perfect blend of function and design for any occasion.

Geodesic Architecture

Versatile geodesic architecture for any space. Create a unique and functional design with endless possibilities.

Immersive Experience

Fulldome Projection

Create stunning immersive experiences with geodesic projection domes. Perfect for events, entertainment, and education.

Planetarium Domes

Explore the universe with geodesic planetariums. A unique and captivating way to learn and experience astronomy.

Suspended Projection Dome

Elevate your multimedia experiences with geodesic suspended projection domes. A stunning and immersive visual display.

Circular Room

Revolutionize your multimedia experiences with cylindrical projection. An innovative and captivating way to display visual content.


Glamping Polidome

Geodesic tents make for a perfect glamping experience, offering relaxation, rest, and tourism in serene natural settings.

Restaurant Domes

A restaurant with geodesic tents creates a unique dining experience, blending comfort and style in a cozy and intimate setting.

Igloo Dome

The Igloo Dome provides a unique and cozy dining experience, creating an intimate and unforgettable atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meal in.

Apre Ski

Apre Ski is a charming concept that offering customers a warm and inviting atmosphere to enjoy drinks and socialize after a day of skiing or snowboarding.

Unique Projects

Bubble Domes

Unique bubble tents and snow globes - innovative structures for unforgettable experiences.

Sports Facilities

Sport geodesic structures - innovative and eye-catching venues for athletic pursuits, blending modern design with cutting-edge engineering.