We Create

Fulldome 360°
projection domes

For maximum audience impact. A favorite choice for clients to make any venue, event or exhibit transforms into success.

Fulldome 360 projection dome - immersive multimedia experience using 360 video projectors

Our multi-purpose Projection Domes (6 to 50m in diameter)are used for tradeshows, education platforms, cultural and music festivals, gaming, museum exhibits and VIP parties, just to name just a few. Any digital content can be dynamically displayed in 360° on the fulldome to create an open immersive experience with HQ full surround sound.

Projection tents


We create both portable and fixed, fully equipped Planetariums of all sizes.

Planetarium solutions in geodesic dome structure - mobile planetarium with immersive experience 360 video sphere

Our planetariums come equipped with a seamless, wrinkle-free, negative pressure screen. Reclined seating, ambient lighting, branding, content doors and other equipment readily available.

Projection tents

suspended dome

Create a 360° Immersive display in any open space.

Suspended Dome - fully immersive multimedia experience with 360 videos

Dome Projections are exceptionally striking and make powerful p....

Projection tents

Circular Room

Astound Your clients with a Circular 360° immersive experience room.

Cylinder room - 360 videos in circular room ( video projections in UHD 4K 8K )

Dome Projections are exceptionally striking and make powerful p....

Projection tents

Shared VR

Shared-VR the ideal workspace.

Shared VR - open environment without need of VR headsets ( UHD projectors )

Shared VR creates a VR experience whereby content can be viewed and worked on by a group in an open environment without need of VR headsets. Polidomes designs modernized workspaces such as conference and board rooms and we even offer a Portable Cylinder Room which can be used as a workspace or for mobile road and tradeshows. Shared VR is often used for presentations, simulations, teleconferencing, trainings and remote work.



Holographic advanced projection system

HAPS - Holographic Advanced
Projection System in a geodesic dome

Pre-recorded or remote live holographic projections of a life-size person 2- way audio visual interaction with holograph projection Ideal for stage presentations or board room.

Additional possibilities

Basic Equipment

Delve into the extraordinary standard features of our geodomes and unlock their full potential. Embark on an extraordinary journey of enhanced possibilities

Precision Matters

Custom-fitted covers for high-quality geodome shells. small details, big difference. Experience flawless craftsmanship.

Enduring Framework

Enhance aesthetics and longevity with durable steel structures. Hot-dip galvanized & powder coated for lasting quality.

Premium Floor

Premium, heavy-duty circular floor perfectly fitted for leveling any ground. Elevate your dome experience.

Complete Solutions

Discover a world of additional options to enhance our domes. With Polidomes, you can access comprehensive expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and top-notch service, all under one roof. Experience the convenience of having everything you need in a single, reliable partner.

Print Perfection

Personalized Branding to Stand Out and Leave a Lasting Impression. Shine Above the Crowd.

Uninterrupted Connections

Seamlessly connect your geodomes with our connecting tunnels. Enhance the flow and functionality of your event space.

Gateway Expansion

Discover extended access with additional entrance and door options. Unlock limitless possibilities for your event space.

Lights & Sound

Illuminate and harmonize. Crafting the ideal atmosphere for every Event, tailored to perfection.

Climate Control

Heating & air conditioning for every space. Maintain comfortable climates, ensuring optimal comfort for all.

Additional services

Comprehensive Support

At Polidomes, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We prioritize your needs, ensuring full support and service throughout the entire project journey, from concept design to the final completion. Experience our dedication to your success.

Dependable Assistance

Count on our reliable service for all your Polidome needs. Our dedicated team is ready to promptly assist you with any issues, ensuring your peace of mind throughout your Polidome journey.

Efficient Assembly

Leave the assembly to our expert team or opt to train your own team. Rest assured, your Polidomes project is in capable hands, ensuring seamless assembly and successful outcomes.

Global Reach

We offer worldwide delivery, prioritizing secure packing and transport. No matter where you are, our commitment to safe and reliable delivery ensures your Polidomes reach you in pristine condition.

Certified Excellence

Certified Excellence. Rest easy knowing that our Polidomes are backed by certified safety and guaranteed quality. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that our products meet rigorous standards, providing you with peace of mind and exceptional quality. We hold a TUV Rheinland certificate.


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