Guaranteed Quality with Geodomes

Polidomes is deeply committed to delivering tents that uphold the pinnacle of safety standards. We aren't mere importers; our products are meticulously crafted at our Poland-based European facility. By using only certified materials from European sources in our manufacturing process, we ensure impeccable quality. Remember, a dome is akin to a home; it's paramount to invest in one that's not only well-designed but also assures the safety of its occupants.

European Standards & Certified Excellence

Polidomes tents strictly adhere to PL-EN 13782, the European Standard outlining safety protocols for design, calculation, production, installation, and maintenance of mobile, temporarily-installed tents. Beyond this, Polidomes boasts certification from TUV Rheinland, ensuring our manufacturing process abides by rigorous quality guidelines.

Global safety norms can vary. Customers should familiarize themselves with local requirements and communicate any discrepancies to us. We are fully prepared to adapt tents to comply with regional building rules. Note that necessary modifications may influence the final cost. Due to diverse building regulations, no single documentation package suits all scenarios.

Considering Polidomes operates globally and with over 196 countries having varied requirements, our approach is tailored. Instead of offering off-the-shelf solutions, we prioritize custom certification preparation, design, and production. So, rather than requesting generic certificates, communicate your exact needs, and we'll ensure they are met.


Prioritizing Quality

Selecting a dome supplier goes beyond price comparison. Domes should be tailored to local building norms, accounting for regional wind and snow conditions. Proper foundation attachment is paramount. Production quality, from raw fabric usage to galvanizing post-fabrication, ensures dome longevity and safety. While the choice is yours, we firmly believe in the value of excellence in the dome industry. There's a significant difference between makeshift 'garage domes' or those of Asian origin and domes produced with recognized certifications and unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship.

Certification: Quality with Context

At Polidomes, our commitment to quality is evident in our TÜV certification check: TUV Certificate. While all our domes adhere to the EN 13782 norm, it's essential to note that not every dome possesses the TÜV certification, nor is every dome designed for seismic storms or heavy snow load. Providing such specialized structures as standard would increase weight and costs unnecessarily. Our approach ensures optimal performance tailored to specific needs.

Fire Resistance Standards

All materials in our production are compliant with varying fire resistance norms. Certifications differ by country and building type. Consult your local architect for guidance. From standard B1,M2 ratings to enhanced 30-minute fire-protective powder painting on frameworks, we adapt. We offer B s3 d0 insulation, EI60 certified doors, and B roof T1 exterior covers.

Unwavering Quality Assurance

While we furnish you with the requisite CE certification, rest assured that all products are manufactured in-house, not imported. At Polidomes, we value our customers, offering enduring warranties and comprehensive, lifelong support. Our nimble approach ensures swift updates to your Polidome. However, note that our repair and replacement services are exclusive to Polidomes products.