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Economic Congress with Incredible Tents and Connection Tunnels

May 2024 began with a remarkable event for Polidomes. Polidomes successfully delivered and installed four geodesic dome tents for the XVI European Economic Congress (EEC), which took place in Katowice. The event, organized by PTWP SA, was held at Pl. Sławika i Antalla 1, 40-163 Katowice. This prestigious meeting serves as an open forum for

Apres Ski – Polidomes Installation in the Swiss Alps

In November 2023, Polidomes successfully delivered a bespoke dome tent installation to a location in Leysin, Switzerland. This apres ski project, featured a combination of P75 and P30 covers, forming a cohesive complex adjacent to a restaurant building. The primary purpose of this unique installation was to create an après-ski experience within

Xploredome: Themed Experience – Innovative Entertainment Space

https://youtu.be/8TjZT2-9SrE?si=N5iperjA_vDKOcIo Xplore Dome Immersive Spherical Cinema 360 At the end of the final days of 2023, Polidomes International unveiled its latest masterpiece to the world - Xploredome: Themed Experience. This pioneering blend of art, technology, and entertainment captures the hearts of visitors, elevating their

P30 Event Geodesic Tent – Innovation and Practicality

In March 2023, we had an exceptionally quick and relatively straightforward project. For our client, Canna, in Prague, Czech Republic, we produced a P30 tent covering an area of 30 square meters, featuring a transparent front and an entrance secured with a zipper. You can see 3D visualisation below - geodesic event dome with a transparent front

The Snow Globe and the Christmas Atmosphere in Porsche Village

In December 2023, we had the extraordinary pleasure of delivering our unique product - the snow globe - to one of the most exceptional events on Poland's December calendar: the Winter Porsche Village. The entire enchantment took place in the heart of Poland's capital, Warsaw, at Elektrownia Powiśle, where residents and visitors alike could enjoy

Celebrating Qatar’s Majesty: Fulldome Projection

In the heart of Qatar, Polidomes proudly introduces the P300 event dome and the P150 projection dome, redefining immersive experiences for Qatar National Day celebrations. From logistics to assembly and awe-inspiring projections, we handle every facet! Our craftsmanship extends beyond, crafting bespoke content to showcase the captivating

Versatile Marketing Dome Solution for Athens Running Race

In November 2023, Polidomes introduced its P75 event dome in Greece, specifically in Athens. Partnering with the renowned marketing agency MAGNA EVENTS S.A., the company delivered a branded, medium-sized dome measuring 75 square meters with a transparent front and a system floor for the marketing setup during running competitions. The project

Development of a Medical Dome for People with Limited Mobility

The project "Development of a Medical Dome for People with Limited Mobility" is an innovative initiative focused on creating and implementing a specialized medical dome aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities confined to beds or wheelchairs. Test Assembly of the Medical Dome The main

The First Survival Kindergarten Complex with a Dome in Bydgoszcz

Introduction: A Visionary Endeavor In September 2023, Polidomes embarked on an extraordinary project that promised to revolutionize early childhood education. The concept, born from the innovative mind of a visionary owner of a Polish kindergarten chain, was nothing short of audacious: integrating a geodesic dome into one of their locations.