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Our solutions based on geodesic tents use the latest innovative
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A Haven for Yoga and Meditation at Normafa Hotel

Polidomes, in collaboration with Normafa Hotel situated in Budapest, Hungary, initiated a transformative project in November 2020. This visionary endeavor involved the creation of a remarkable 22-meter diameter translucent dome, a standout feature enhancing the appeal of the Normafa Hotel. Designed with a double transparent, this dome stands as a

Versatile Marketing Dome Solution for Athens Running Race

In November 2023, Polidomes introduced its P75 event dome in Greece, specifically in Athens. Partnering with the renowned marketing agency MAGNA EVENTS S.A., the company delivered a branded, medium-sized dome measuring 75 square meters with a transparent front and a system floor for the marketing setup during running competitions. The project

Development of a Medical Dome for People with Limited Mobility

The project "Development of a Medical Dome for People with Limited Mobility" is an innovative initiative focused on creating and implementing a specialized medical dome aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities confined to beds or wheelchairs. Test Assembly of the Medical Dome The main

The First Survival Kindergarten Complex with a Dome in Bydgoszcz

Introduction: A Visionary Endeavor In September 2023, Polidomes embarked on an extraordinary project that promised to revolutionize early childhood education. The concept, born from the innovative mind of a visionary owner of a Polish kindergarten chain, was nothing short of audacious: integrating a geodesic dome into one of their locations.

A Remarkable Projection Show in Otwock – P50

A Testament to the Power of Immersive Experiences In the world of event planning, size doesn't always equate to success. This truth was beautifully exemplified in Polidomes' recent project in Otwock, where a modest-sized tent became the centerpiece of an extraordinary event. Polidomes, renowned for their innovative event solutions,

Another Success for Polidomes: Shell V-Power Show 2023!

September 2023 brought another spectacular achievement for Polidomes. This time, on September 9th, we delivered an impressive 19-meter diameter dome for the Shell brand. It marked the beginning of an extraordinary event that took place at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw - the Shell V-Power Show. Shell V-Power

Epic Event Unveiling: A Triumph of Innovation and Expertise!

https://youtu.be/yaD0yHggXjg Spherical Projections in Warsaw 2023 by Polidomes Project Prepare to be dazzled by our latest triumph, a testament to our prowess and dedication for three compelling reasons: Global Brand, Grand Execution: We orchestrated a spectacular event for an international powerhouse (our lips are sealed due to

Unveiling the Spectacular P300 All-Year Event

Polidomes International is thrilled to announce the completion of the P300 All-Year Event and Conference Center! This geodesic project was executed for Presto, a catering company based in Szczecin. The client deliberated over this solution for a considerable time, with the purchasing decision taking nearly 5 years to finalize. However,