Apres Ski – Polidomes Installation in the Swiss Alps

In November 2023, Polidomes successfully delivered a bespoke dome tent installation to a location in Leysin, Switzerland. This apres ski project, featured a combination of P75 and P30 covers, forming a cohesive complex adjacent to a restaurant building. The primary purpose of this unique installation was to create an après-ski experience within

Development of a Medical Dome for People with Limited Mobility

The project "Development of a Medical Dome for People with Limited Mobility" is an innovative initiative focused on creating and implementing a specialized medical dome aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities confined to beds or wheelchairs. Test Assembly of the Medical Dome The main

The First Survival Kindergarten Complex with a Dome in Bydgoszcz

Introduction: A Visionary Endeavor In September 2023, Polidomes embarked on an extraordinary project that promised to revolutionize early childhood education. The concept, born from the innovative mind of a visionary owner of a Polish kindergarten chain, was nothing short of audacious: integrating a geodesic dome into one of their locations.

A Remarkable Projection Show in Otwock – P50

A Testament to the Power of Immersive Experiences In the world of event planning, size doesn't always equate to success. This truth was beautifully exemplified in Polidomes' recent project in Otwock, where a modest-sized tent became the centerpiece of an extraordinary event. Polidomes, renowned for their innovative event solutions,

Samsung Galaxy Immersive Playground

Hidden away in a non-descript tenement courtyard in downtown Warsaw (Chmielna 8) visitors can discover and take part in Samsung’s Galaxy Playground, an amazing immersive space which is taking place from Jan. 6 to April 29th 2023. https://youtu.be/eGin_SNage8 Video Presentation Samsung Galaxy Playground This is where Samsung is premiering

Projection Dome at Noor Riyadh Festival of Light – Nov. 2022

Polidomes is proud to have been chosen as part of Noor Riyadh Festival of Light in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For nearly three weeks during November, forty locations across Riyadh were spectacularly illuminated by light installations and projections of all sorts and types. The festival included over 190 artworks by more than 130 artists of

Experiential Solutions for Disney+ by Polidomes – Sep. 2022

Polidomes is proud to have been chosen for two experiential projects in Scandinavia for Disney+ to bring expositions of their wonderful content for children in a new immersive format. Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO promotes ‘Disney’s metaverse future’. He wants Disney+ to be more than a movie service platform, but an experiential lifestyle

Cupra Adventure Team Glamping in a Polidome Spain – Sep. 2022

Spanish car manufacturer SEAT was looking for a way to promote their new Cupra sports car (the brand with PASSION). Their marketing campaign for this futuristic-minded car not only promotes the many amenities of their luxury sports car but promote a special lifestyle (which includes glamping in a dome) to go along with it. Polidomes is proud
Ranch Panderossa Polidomes Projects

Expansion of Glamping Panderossa Poland – December 2021

Ranczo Panderossa is a beautiful glamping resort located in the Pomeranian district of northwestern Poland. The owners are long-time customers of Polidomes. Some years ago they decided to try out the glamping business and purchased two Polidomes glamping dome tents to place on their lovely eco-farm. Their glamping business has since become