In November 2023, Polidomes successfully delivered a bespoke dome tent installation to a location in Leysin, Switzerland. This apres ski project, featured a combination of P75 and P30 covers, forming a cohesive complex adjacent to a restaurant building. The primary purpose of this unique installation was to create an après-ski experience within three interconnected domes, seamlessly by connecting tunnels.

The client, seeking a distinctive concept for the Swiss Alps, initially acquired Polidomes tents through the aftermarket for the Universdome project. Recognizing the need for replacement covers and connecting tunnels, they reached out to Polidomes to enhance and complete their vision. Importantly, the client undertook the responsibility of constructing the domes independently.

The project involved the integration of one P75 cover and two P30 covers, along with connecting tunnels, aluminum single panic doors, and supplementary structural parts for enhanced stability and accessibility. This strategic setup aimed to provide a comfortable and visually appealing après-ski environment in the breathtaking surroundings of the Swiss Alps.

To ensure a smooth delivery process, the replacement covers and connecting tunnels were dispatched to the client via mail. The final result is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, showcasing Polidomes’ commitment to delivering innovative and customizable solutions for unique environments.

This après-ski complex stands as a testament to the versatility of Polidomes’ offerings, providing a distinctive experience amid the picturesque landscapes of the Swiss Alps.