Xplore Dome: Unleashing Endless Worlds of Immersive Entertainment

Transforming Spaces into Immersive Worlds: The Next Frontier in Entertainment

In an era where technology and creativity intersect more vividly than ever, we stand on the brink of redefining entertainment and leisure. Imagine stepping into a world where every corner holds a new reality, a space where the boundaries of time and geography blur—welcome to the immersive village of domes, a pioneering concept that promises to revolutionize the way we experience amusement parks in the 21st century.

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The Concept: A Village of Wonders

At the heart of our vision lies an expansive village composed of interconnected domes, each a portal to a different realm. Far beyond the traditional fulldome experiences that captivate with celestial wonders, our domes are canvases for a multitude of themes—from the enchanting landscapes of a "Winter Wonderland" to the thrilling epochs traversed by a "Travel Machine." Yet, the true essence of our concept doesn't end with visual splendor; it's an interactive digital art extravaganza designed to engage, educate, and exhilarate.

Interactive Digital Art: A Core Experience

Within each dome, visitors will find themselves immersed in an environment where every element is part of a larger narrative. Through the use of advanced AR (Augmented Reality) technology, we blend physical and digital worlds, creating seamless interactive experiences. Each zone within the domes offers unique encounters, with AR art that connects back to the main theme, ensuring that visitors are not just spectators but active participants in the story unfolding around them.

Building an Independent Indoor Immersive Amusement Park

Our ambitious project goes beyond just constructing an attraction; it's about creating a fully independent indoor immersive amusement park. From ticket booths to themed concessions, every aspect is meticulously designed to enhance the immersive experience. Our commitment to innovation and quality means that we are ready to build this transformative experience upon request, tailoring each project to the specific desires and themes chosen by our clients.

Partnership and Sponsorship: A Collaborative Venture

We recognize the potential of our immersive village of domes not just as an entertainment venue but as a landmark destination. Therefore, we are openly inviting partnerships and seeking locations that can host such a groundbreaking venture. A partnership with us is not just an investment in a physical structure; it's a stake in the future of entertainment. Furthermore, this presents a golden opportunity for brands looking to make a lasting impact. Sponsoring a dome or the entire village offers unparalleled brand visibility and association with innovation and creativity.

The Impact: Anywhere, Anytime

Our immersive village of domes is designed to leave a lasting impression on guests, offering an escape from the mundane into worlds of wonder and interaction. It's a unique opportunity to experience different cultures, histories, and fantasies without the constraints of physical travel. In doing so, we not only provide entertainment but also foster education and cultural appreciation in an engaging format.


The immersive village of domes represents a bold step forward in the evolution of entertainment venues. By combining cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling, we offer an unparalleled experience that can be customized to suit any theme or preference. Whether you're looking to bring this visionary project to life in your location or to partner with us in creating a new standard for amusement parks, the possibilities are as limitless as the worlds we aim to create. Join us in this journey to redefine entertainment and make every visit an adventure beyond imagination.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Immersive Village of Domes

1 Is this a permanent or temporary option?
The immersive village of domes offers the flexibility to be both a permanent and a temporary installation. This versatility allows us to cater to a wide range of events, locations, and purposes, from short-term exhibitions and festivals to long-standing amusement parks and educational centers.
2 What are the restrictions/limitations?
The primary limitations are your imagination and, of course, your budget. Our technology and design capabilities are highly adaptable to bring a wide array of themes and experiences to life. However, the scale of the project, specific customizations, and technological integrations will be influenced by the available budget and creative vision.
3 Does it have to be purchased, or can it be rented?
We offer both options to accommodate different needs and investment levels. Whether you're looking for a one-time event solution or aiming to create a lasting attraction, we can provide the immersive domes for purchase or rent. This flexibility ensures that our clients can choose the best approach to suit their project's scope and duration.
4 What are the budgets for such a concept?
The budget for creating an immersive village of domes can vary widely, depending on the time, requirements, and scale of the project. Prices start from approximately 500,000 EUR. The final cost will be determined by factors such as the number of domes, the complexity of the interactive digital art installations, the duration of the project (for rentals), and any additional features or customizations requested.
5 Does Polidomes take part in partnership share ideas? We have a good location and a good opportunity, and we are interested in this investment and partnership/joint venture idea.
Yes, we are very open to exploring partnership share ideas and joint ventures. If you have a good location and believe there is a significant opportunity for a collaborative project, we encourage you to share more information about your idea and the event. Our interest in such ventures is driven by the potential to create unique and impactful experiences, leveraging both our technological and creative capabilities alongside your local insights and opportunities.
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DomeCity: The Ultimate Immersive Experience

What are the possibilities of the technology used inside this concept?

The immersive village of domes leverages cutting-edge technology to create unparalleled interactive and engaging environments. Here are the key technological possibilities within this concept:

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AR Interactive Art Pieces:

Augmented Reality (AR) allows us to blend digital art seamlessly with the physical world. Visitors can interact with art pieces that respond to their presence and actions, creating a dynamic and personalized experience. This technology makes art come alive, offering an educational and entertaining journey that changes with every interaction.

VR and Games:

Virtual Reality (VR) and game integration transport visitors to entirely new dimensions. Whether embarking on a virtual safari, exploring outer space, or immersing in a fantasy world, VR games are designed to captivate and thrill, offering adventures that are as educational as they are exciting.

Fulldome and Immersive Content as Main Concept of the Theme:

Fulldome technology is central to delivering the immersive content that defines each dome's theme. From breathtaking natural landscapes to intricate fantasy worlds, fulldome projections wrap visitors in 360 degrees of storytelling, enhancing the thematic experience and making each visit unforgettable.

Scalable Experiences:

The concept's scalability allows for the addition of various themed domes such as a ticket sale dome, a chill room, a spa, or any other relaxation or entertainment space. This flexibility ensures that the immersive village can evolve and expand, offering new experiences that cater to the ever-changing desires of visitors. Whether it's for relaxation or additional entertainment, the possibilities for new dome introductions are limitless, ensuring that each visit offers something new and exciting.

We possess the capability to seamlessly incorporate virtually any existing technology available today.


Why We Are the Ideal Choice for
Immersive Entertainment Concepts:

Versatile Venue Solutions:

With an expansive range of immersive pods and domes in various sizes, our infrastructure is designed to host any theme or event imaginable. Whether you envision a compact interactive art space or a sprawling entertainment complex, we have the perfect venue to bring your ideas to life.

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Expertise and Innovation:

Our team is not just skilled; we're pioneers in the immersive entertainment industry. With years of experience and a deep understanding of both technology and creative storytelling, we possess the know-how to transform any concept into a mesmerizing experience.

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Passionate Professionals:

At the heart of our success are the friendly and passionate individuals dedicated to excellence. Our team's enthusiasm for creating unforgettable experiences is the driving force behind every project, ensuring that we always exceed expectations.

Seamless Execution with Turnkey Solutions:

Our turnkey approach simplifies the process of realizing your vision. Share your idea with us, and we'll handle the rest—from planning and design to implementation and launch. We bring concepts to reality with precision and creativity, making the journey from dream to debut effortless for our clients.

FlexibleEngagement Models:

Flexible Engagement Models:

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer a variety of engagement models, including rentals, sales, and partnerships. This flexibility ensures that we can tailor our services to best suit your project's requirements and investment strategy.

Unmatched Speed and Global Reach:

Unmatched Speed and Global Reach:

When it comes to delivering immersive entertainment experiences, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and global capability. If it's feasible, we can bring it to life anywhere in the world—faster than anyone else in the market. Our commitment to speed does not compromise quality, ensuring that your project is not just completed swiftly but also executed to the highest standards.

Our dedication to innovation, combined with our versatile venues, expert team, and flexible engagement models, makes us the perfect partner for bringing immersive entertainment concepts to life. Let's create something extraordinary together.

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Enduring Framework

Enhance aesthetics and longevity with durable steel structures. Hot-dip galvanized & powder coated for lasting quality.

Premium Floor

Premium, heavy-duty circular floor perfectly fitted for leveling any ground. Elevate your dome experience.

Complete Solutions

Discover a world of additional options to enhance our domes. With Polidomes, you can access comprehensive expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and top-notch service, all under one roof. Experience the convenience of having everything you need in a single, reliable partner.

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Personalized Branding to Stand Out and Leave a Lasting Impression. Shine Above the Crowd.

Uninterrupted Connections

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Gateway Expansion

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Lights & Sound

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Climate Control

Heating & air conditioning for every space. Maintain comfortable climates, ensuring optimal comfort for all.

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Certified Excellence. Rest easy knowing that our Polidomes are backed by certified safety and guaranteed quality. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that our products meet rigorous standards, providing you with peace of mind and exceptional quality. We hold a TUV Rheinland certificate.