About us

About us

Polidomes International – geodesic dome tent manufacturer located in Poland, offering both purchase and rental since 2008 for events of any scale.

We are the only company in our field to make 99% of our products ourselves, with our own employees and our own production equipment.

Possessing our own fleet of production equipment allows us precisely control all the way process of every dome tent production and be able to produce any kind of geodesic structure at unbeatable prices. Thanks to our 10 years of engineering experience, state-of-the-art design software, our own best HF and hot air welding machines, Polidomes ensures precision, quality and optimal performance in all our dome structures.

polidomes feature

100% handmade

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24/7 service

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World class experts

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10 years on market

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Awards winning

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CE certificated

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Leader of the market

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World access

We are a skilled, professional and international team providing the highest level of service, reliability, and integrity. As we know that functionality, ergonomics and economy are invaluable in marquee design, we craft each product with the needs of our clients in mind.

polidomes team polidomes team polidomes team polidomes team polidomes team polidomes team polidomes team polidomes team

Dozens of implemented projects has enabled us to gain experience and form a solid team.


Thanks to our tireless and hardworking team, Polidomes guarantees professionalism and 100% satisfaction.


Experience and professionalism guarantee the perfect quality of products.


We strive to have the best people.


W want to have the best support.


We are there, no matter where you need an outstanding event tent.

polydome's owner

Karolina Bertman


Instead of
“it’s a problem” I say,
“it’s a chance”

Helping our customers being more successfull, that’s what we are about. If we make only the best, we help you make only the best.

Events are our passion! We are known for our efficiency, professionalism and the highest quality of solutions.

polydome's owner

Krzysztof Bućko


Instead of
“what can I do” I say
“I can do it”

polidomes manufacturer

Geodesic structures manufacturing

We manufacture all kinds of spherical structures including the steel frame and welding the PVC covering. Therefore the geodesic structures we offer can be easily customized according to your needs.

polidomes selling service

Geodesic structures selling

You can purchase the next Polidomes structures: spherical event tents, projection domes, glamping domes, dome amphitheaters. Quality and Durability. Unlimited customization. Up to 5 years of warranty. Rich portfolio of implemented projects.

polidomes renting service

Geodesic structures renting

We will deliver the rented geodesic structures to any corner of the world. From Polidomes you can rent spherical event tents, projection domes, dome amphitheaters, with the area starting from 30m2 (20ft in diameter) up to 700m2 (100ft in diameter).

polidomes assembly training


Polidomes can perform proffesional trainings for your assembling crew. All the details should be discussed individually.

Since 2008 we have sold and rented our geodesic domes to over 20 countries around the globe, such as: Qatar, USA, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Armenia, Croatia, Ukraine and many other.


December 2017
P150 with transparent front



10 x P20 Glamping domes

Cardiff, Wales

June 2017
P30 Open Dome


December 2016
5 x P30, P150, P300

Bolmin, Poland

June 2016

P50, 2 x P110, P150, P500


P30, P50

Zakopane, Poland

January 2015
P30 Transparent, P50 Amphitheater

Bucharest, Romania

May 2014
2 x P50, P75, P110, P150


P30, P50

Geneva, Switzerland


2 x P30 with transparent front, P75

Warsaw, Poland

P75 with transparent front


P110 2/3 transparent


Oct. 2016
P110 with transparent front

Republic of South Africa,

October, 2015

Poznan, Poland

P150, P300

Miami, USA

Jul. 2016
P300 Projection Dome

Sibiu, Romania

Oct. 2016
P300 Projection Dome


P300 Projection Dome

United Arab Emirates

Nov. 2015
P30, P300

Alicante, Spain

October, 2014
P300, Cinema Dome


August 2017
P500 full-printed cover

Birmingham, England

Fab. 2018
P30 with transparent front

Istanbul, Turkey

May, 2018
P75, P150, P300 all Projection Domes

Join Us – Expand Your Success!


We’re looking for Reseller partners across the world. Get start Your own business as official Reseller of one of the top geodesic dome tent manufacturer or enhance Your business with the new trusted brand.


The Private Label service offers an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs starting their own business and also for companies that offer event solutions and complementary goods, including large tents.

Want to start your own geodesic dome tent manufacture? Polidomes is preparing the unique Franchise Opportunity to help You create Your own manufacture of products that meet local and global market standards.