Why us?

Do you need a dome specialist to do a complex dome project properly?

The short answer to this question is YES - definitely!

At the same time, remember, not every so-called ‘dome company’ has the know-how or experience to handle a complicated project.

There are multitude of factors to be considered, ranging from climate and temperature control to installation of advanced technologies, to fast delivery and assembly in remote locations worldwide.

What makes us different?

That’s easy – We know what we are doing and love what we do! Domes are our passion! We look at every project as a unique challenge and opportunity to offer our clients the best domes, service and solutions on the planet at a reasonable price.

Case Study

Difficulties finding the right partners

An international marketing agency contacted us as they were creating a project for one of the world’s largest brands and needed four fully set-up, branded, projection domes to create a 360° immersive experience

Polidomes Projection Domes

Furthermore, the domes needed to be delivered to London, New York, Berlin and Tokyo on short notice (6 weeks).

75 m2
9,5 m
6 m

This is the kind of project and challenge Polidomes enjoys and are set up to do. We had the same model domes such as we used in Detroit (75 sqm Projection Fan Dome), a full inventory in our factory in Poland as well as our great joint venture partners in Kuwait who could simultaneously deliver the Tokyo project.

Time went by and we did not hear back from the agency. It turned out that due to a previous agreement the agency decided to go ahead and work with local suppliers. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best decision. They might have saved a little money in the short run but did not consider the many factors that are involved to complete the project such as delivering the same solutions to different locations at the same time.

There are dome companies that have 360° dome projection systems although being able to put everything together in multiple locations is no easy matter. Besides delivery problems, many dome companies don’t know how to properly mount projectors to avoid frequent recalibration nor do they use negative pressure projection liners and AV companies do not make branded covers.

Polidomes Branded Covers

In this situation

the project was for one of the largest companies in the world that wanted to impress the public and wasn’t interested in all the details of how the job done but that the final effect would be what they were looking for and came out right and how they wanted. Mistakes could cause them the loss of this important client.


Last moment search for solutions

At the last moment the agency contacted us once more pleading with us to save the project as the local companies involved were not able to produce the branded covers. They also explained the companies they were working with were not delivering the kind of projection solutions they had asked for.

We often receive requests to do such projects from these same event companies and printing companies the marketing agency was working with, although we normally don’t produce covers for other dome manufacturers.

As the agency phoned us personally, we decided to make an exception as they were in a jam. Time was ticking, with only 3 weeks to go before the project needed to be finished and still no art work… It was an extremely short deadline, but our team moved into high gear to meet their requests and get the job done.


Polidomes team is people who understand the event and dome industry well and are ready and accustomed to solving clients’ urgent needs and difficult requests.

Remember, if you run in to an unsolvable problem with your dome project that needs to be done immediately, Polidomes is the SOS number to call for domes. We live up to our motto “We do the impossible and we do it now!” Rest assured, you can count on us.

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