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Polish Chamber of Engineers and Polidomes

Polidomes has been featured in the quarterly magazine of the Polish Chamber of Engineers. This magazine covers various topics and curiosities within the field of construction. The March 2023 issue was dedicated, among other things, to assistance in the reconstruction of Ukraine, the construction of modern bridges, and dome construction. Design

Unforgettable Experiences in Projection Domes

https://youtu.be/8TjZT2-9SrE?si=5hSmdsjGvH0r-LzJ Immersive Xplore Dome by Polidomes Projection domes represent a pinnacle of experiential marketing, providing brands with a captivating canvas to showcase their identity, products, and values in ways that traditional advertising simply cannot match. Here are some key reasons why major brands

Immersive Innovations: Trailblazing Experiential Marketing Tools

Polidomes International stands as a pioneer in geodesic construction, serving as a manufacturing hub for over 15 years, catering to some of the world's biggest brands and their events. Leveraging their Research and Development division, an in-house production facility, and a team of architecture aficionados and tech enthusiasts, they bring to

Discovering Arab Culture with the “Travel Machine”

Introduction Drawing from experience in projects like "Travel Machine" and collaborations in the Middle East, Polidomes International wishes to share an extraordinary vision that we have decided to bring to life. This is our innovative concept of the "Travel Machine" transported to the heart of the Middle East. Our goal is clear and inspiring:

Transform Your Trade Show Experience – Immersive Circular Room!

Trade shows are all about making a lasting impact on potential clients and showcasing your brand in the most captivating way possible. Imagine a marketing tool that not only attracts attention from every corner of the venue but also offers a fully personalized experience for your brand. Enter the Polidomes Immersive Circular Room - a game-changer

Immersive Solutions for Remarkable Fair Stands

For over 14 years, Polidomes International has been a leading manufacturer of spherical domes and provider of 360-degree digital solutions in the trade market. With a reputation for excellent product quality and creative project approach, we proudly offer our trade solutions in over 40 countries, collaborating with top global brands. Our

Another Exciting Testing Day at Polidomes

At Polidomes, innovation is not just a buzzword; it's at the core of everything we do. We constantly strive to develop and refine our solutions to ensure that our clients' experiences surpass expectations. Today, we embarked on a thrilling testing day to explore the perfect AV equipment for our projection domes. Our AV technician and dedicated

International’s Energy-Efficient Sports Hall

One of the projects that Polidomes International takes particular pride in is the construction of an Orlik-type sports field cover. The scope of the awarded tender was to design and build this unique facility. The R&D and design department invested a great deal of effort into creating and subsequently constructing this structure. To this day,

Polidomes PIR Dome Panel Insulation System

Polidomes PIR Panel Insulation System not only looks great but is designed to provide superior insulation and thermal comfort control in any climate or season for dome owners. We are dedicated to bringing you the best. Like every element of our dome products, our Polidomes PIR Panel Insulation System is the result of years of research and