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Horticultural Exhibition EXPO 2023 Doha Qatar

The International Horticultural Exhibition EXPO 2023 is scheduled to be held in Doha, Qatar from October 21, 2023 to March 20, 2024. The event will be hosted by the State of Qatar and organized by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment. The theme of the expo is "Green Desert, Better Environment," which aims to showcase Qatar's efforts

Projection Dome Multimedia Nature Experience

The need to explore nature will always be part of us. Man is compelled to discover the mysteries of the world. Regardless of age or profession, we are naturally drawn to the surrounding flora and fauna. We all have the same curiosity to experience the wonders of nature as those who travel and devote their lives to research of animals or rare

Dome Covers Folding and Care Process

At Polidomes, we take great pride in the care and maintenance of our dome covers. It takes a lot of effort to ensure that our covers remain in top condition for each event. Folding and caring for a large tarpaulin cover is not a simple process, and years of experience have allowed Polidomes team to develop an appropriate technique that allows

Polidomes Spherical Exhibition Stands 2023

Polidomes spherical exhibition stands can be found at major expos and trade fairs worldwide. They are designed to deliver what exhibitors want most – to capture maximum attention of fair attendees and personally connect brands with their target audience. 360° Projection Exhibition Stands Each of the three following exhibition stands are

TUV – Certificate of conformity of the factory production control

( Inspection and Certification for Polidomes International - Compliance with processes, welding, production and marketing of steel structural components ) The attached certificate from TUV (Eng: Technical Inspection Association) certifies that Polidomes International (2KB Karolina Bertman & Krzysztof Bućko s.c.) fully complies with

Polidomes Manufacturing Process

Our entire manufacturing process takes place in-house in our factory in Swiebodzin, Poland. We employ a proven design/build system strategy that minimizes risk and maximizes value. This permits us to simultaneously control every detail of production from planning and design on through setup and delivery. This start-to-finish process assures

The Arabic Artdome

Geodesic Domes Connected by a Tunnel The Arabic Artdome is a planned multimedia museum concept to present the heart and soul of traditional Arabic culture in a captivating manner using the latest in modern technology. It will be a place where texts, paintings, works of art and music will both teach and enrich people by highlighting that

Acoustic Solutions A Scientific Study by Polidomes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZYzG7daqgY Geodesic Dome Acoustics – Problems and Solutions Polidomes Acoustic study of Geodesic Dome TentsSound quality in dome tents is extremely important especially for events where high quality sound is imperative, such as for concerts, full dome projection shows or for DJs to deliver HQ Dolby 7.1

Hyatt Meditation Bubble

Hyatt Meditation Station using Bubble Tent HYATT MEDITATION STATION Custom Bubble Tent for Events, Exhibits and Expos Besides our many geodesic dome products, Polidomes is also famous for our original custom made Bubble Tents for events, exhibits and expos such as creating world’s largest snow globe. The Hyatt ChallengeIf you have