At Polidomes, we take great pride in the care and maintenance of our dome covers. It takes a lot of effort to ensure that our covers remain in top condition for each event.

Folding and caring for a large tarpaulin cover is not a simple process, and years of experience have allowed Polidomes team to develop an appropriate technique that allows the tarpaulin covers to be stored and then easily assembled without creases. Taking special care of our products ensures they provide a beautiful appearance and reliable quality for many years to come.

Dome Covers Folding Movie by Polidomes

The images show our Polidomes team folding one of our huge P500 tarpaulin dome covers which is almost 700m2 in size. Before folding, the tarpaulin was carefully washed and dried, something which is done to all our covers after each disassembly.

It is important that the cover is completely dry and not rolled up with moisture inside or it could become moldy. After cleaning and drying, the place where the cover is unfolded must also be perfectly cleaned before folding takes place. The floor is vacuumed and washed beforehand and employees wear clean shoes.

Polidomes Production Hall – Covers Folding

The tarpaulin also must be folded properly to avoid creases so that it will unfurl properly when it will be lifted and then lowered from a crane straight onto the P500 spherical structure during the next assembly.

After being cleaned and dried, the process of folding this P500 cover took almost an hour and required six strong men to create a small, but very heavy roll. This rolled cover was then taken to the Polidomes warehouse and stored until the next event.

In conclusion, the process of folding and caring for Polidomes large size dome covers is complex and requires much attention to detail. We believe that our attention to detail for all our products sets us apart from the competition and allows us to always provide high-quality dome covers that exceed our customers’ expectations.