Drawing from experience in projects like “Travel Machine” and collaborations in the Middle East, Polidomes International wishes to share an extraordinary vision that we have decided to bring to life. This is our innovative concept of the “Travel Machine” transported to the heart of the Middle East. Our goal is clear and inspiring: to present the richness of Arab culture and heritage in a way that captivates both tourists and residents. Dome structures are ideal for presenting multimedia content with the ultimate immersive experience.

Concept Expansion

Imagine this – a series of stunning spherical domes, each opening doors to a different dimension of Arab culture. At the core of our adaptation is a massive projection dome spanning 500m2. Here, the captivating film “5 Elements” will take visitors on an extraordinary 360-degree journey. We transport our guests to the beauty of the World, eg.: Great Wall of China, the serenity of the desert, and the mysteries of the ocean (or special production presenting beauty of the Middle East) all viewed on a massive screen encompassing the entire sphere, surrounded by heart-moving sounds.

CAD Geodesic Dome and Container Project

Extraordinary Experience

Crossing the threshold of the reception dome (50m2), we welcome you to a world full of fascinating discoveries. Here, you will learn about the purpose of the concept and what we have prepared for you. Then, we transport you to the lounge and café within the dome (150m2), where you will immerse yourselves in comfortable surroundings and enjoy traditional Middle Eastern delicacies. But it’s the interactive dome (50m2) that will truly capture your attention. Here, we invite you to interact with holograms, interactive projections, and virtual reality displays showcasing a wide range of Arab culture. Geodesic architecture allows multiple structures to be combined in order to increase the exhibition area accordingly.

Promotion of Arab Culture

Our adaptation strategically weaves elements of Arab culture into the experience:

  • Arab Architectural Masterpieces: Admire the intricate patterns of ancient and contemporary Arab structures.
  • Culinary Delights: Virtually experience the creation of delectable traditional dishes.
  • Rhythms of Arabia: Lose yourself in the rhythms of traditional music and elegant dance forms.
  • Chronicles of History: Discover the wealth of Arab world history through interactive timelines.

Impact on Life

Our Middle Eastern adaptation of the “Travel Machine” is more than just an entertainment concept – it’s a catalyst for appreciating and understanding culture.

Cultural Exchange 

Encouraging tourists and local residents to engage in meaningful intercultural dialogues.

  • Education and Awareness: This experience serves as an invaluable educational tool, shedding light on the depth of Arab culture.
  • Tourism Growth: The unique concept attracts tourists, supporting the region’s economy and enhancing its reputation.
  • Supporting the Local Community: Interactive elements enable residents to connect with their heritage in innovative ways.


Bringing the “Travel Machine” concept from Polidomes International to the Middle East is an incredibly inspiring journey. By blending advanced technology with the essence of Arab culture, we have created a unique experience that bridges differences, inspires unity, and promotes mutual understanding. Our adaptation in the Middle East serves as a foothold for cultural progress, warmly inviting everyone to discover the treasures of Arab heritage.