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Discover innovative open dome and stage awning structures, perfect for your open-air events. Explore our range of versatile, durable designs that provide exceptional coverage, create memorable experiences, and find your ideal stage cover solution

Sales and rental of open-air stage dome roof

We also provide rental services for small open structures, which must be rented with the accompanying flooring for stability. These structures are suitable for various events and are available for short-term rentals.

Revamp Your Events with Stunning stage awing

Elevate events with our geodesic dome structures. They serve as stage pavilions and canopy roofs for open-air performances. These structures offer aesthetic appeal, practical functionality, and reliable shelter. Ensure a memorable experience in any condition.

Open Stage Canopies in Various Sizes

Purchase recommended for large structures, while rentals available for small and average-sized canopies. Enhance your stage setup with our captivating open canopy solutions. Portable and permanent options offered.

Worldwide Setup & Delivery

Our expedited services cover global locations with short notice. Trust us for reliable setup and delivery, ensuring successful events wherever they occur around the world.

Worldwide Service

Wherever you are, our Geodomes and Performance tent structure come with comprehensive service and ongoing support. In terms of our products, we are ready and committed to covering all your needs

Amphitheater polidome

Amphitheatre domes

Step into the enchanting world of our outdoor geodesic amphitheaters, where every sound resonates with perfect acoustics under the shelter of our stage canopy. This magnificent open dome stage cover morphs into a grand stage pavilion, promising an unrivaled spectacle for any event. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or gearing up for an audience of thousands, our open-air geodesic theater is your ultimate outdoor solution. The powerful blend of innovation and design breathes life into any performance shelter, bringing the magic of an open-air stage roof to every event.

Crafted from top-tier materials, our geodesic amphitheaters are not just stages; they transform into grand amphitheater overhead structures, casting a captivating spell on any audience. Bask under the stage awning as each note echoes through the open-air stage dome, infusing an ethereal quality into any performance.

From the coziness of a performance tent structure to the majesty of a canopy roof for open-air performances, our amphitheaters make every moment unforgettable. With our high-quality outdoor stage coverings, your event is not just another gathering - it becomes a spectacular visual and acoustic feast.

Amphitheatre 30

Amphitheatre 30

surface area
30 m2
3,8 m
6,2 m
Amphitheatre 50

Amphitheatre 50

surface area
50 m2
4,0 m
8,0 m
Amphitheatre 75

Amphitheatre 75

surface area
75 m2
4,7 m
9,5 m
Amphitheatre 110

Amphitheatre 110

surface area
110 m2
6,0 m
12 m
Amphitheatre 150

Amphitheatre 150

surface area
150 m2
7,0 m
14 m
Amphitheatre 300

Amphitheatre 300

surface area
300 m2
9,5 m
19 m
Amphitheater polidome

Your Choice

Your choise

A 30

Product specification

surface area
30 m2
3.8 m
6.2 m
Geodesic Amphitheater Domes A 30
A 30
Endless Possibilities

Unlimited Applications

Polidomes: Reinventing Amphitheatres

At Polidomes, we pride ourselves on providing a unique experience with our versatile open-dome portable amphitheatres. Our remarkable structures can be effortlessly installed on existing stages, stable terrains, or upon our specially designed, ballasted flooring systems.

Our flooring solutions are crafted with an emphasis on robustness and resilience. Incorporating a portable galvanized steel framework underneath heavy-duty wooden flooring, the systems are both adjustable in height and fortified with a water ballast system. These features ensure that our structures will maintain their stability, even under challenging weather conditions, with wind speeds up to 120 km/h.

Whether you require a standard portable amphitheatre for a singular event, or a permanent fixture to provide ongoing entertainment, Polidomes is your comprehensive solution provider. We offer quick set-up portable amphitheatres, providing an economical and efficient alternative to traditional structures.

For our open dome structures specifically, we focus on providing an ultra-solid and heavy-duty flooring. This robust base is crucial for ensuring safety standards and providing structural support. Typically, our offered flooring weighs 2-3 times more than a regular dome tent, and when used for stage coverage, we incorporate additional weight concealed within the flooring along with steel pegs for added stability.

In the interest of safety, we conduct thorough engineering calculations prior to any event involving our open domes, which are not frequently rented. These precise assessments determine the necessary extra weight and type of steel pegs required for each unique setting, guaranteeing a safe and stable setup.

Here at Polidomes, we have expertise in aspects you may not even consider, and that's alright. Our professional team has deep specialization in this unique field. So trust us, let us do what we do best while providing you an unparalleled experience with our innovative amphitheatres.

Cover Membrane: An Unsurpassed Engineering Marvel

Our portable amphitheatres feature a robust and durable stage cover that is completely waterproof. These covers come in an extensive selection of colors (standardly white), and can be customized with either permanent or temporary branding to cater to your specific needs.

As a pioneer in innovative structural solutions, Polidomes places quality and durability at the core of our offerings. Every portable amphitheatre we produce embodies solidity and longevity, constructed exclusively from the highest quality materials. We engineer these structures to withstand even the toughest weather conditions, ensuring they last for years.

Taking our dedication to exceptional engineering further, we design the stage coverings of our dome amphitheatres to present distinct advantages over traditional, permanent amphitheatres.

In our view, the dome stage awning outshines any permanent amphitheatre design in several ways. The perfect circular form of our dome is not just aesthetically pleasing but is also a testament to advanced light structure engineering. Additionally, the framework of our domes offers an abundance of attachment points. This abundance provides a platform for versatile customization, enabling you to add extra sound and lighting equipment as per your requirements.

These practical advantages make our dome amphitheatres a versatile choice, offering the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and engineering perfection. Trust Polidomes to provide a structural solution that not only meets your expectations but also enhances your experience with its innovative design and engineering brilliance.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of experts and get acquainted with the low cost and details of these modern, original and durable constructions!

Cost effective

Cost-Efficiency Reimagined

With Polidomes, experience superior value at prices up to 70% less than competing models. We offer high-quality, durable portable amphitheatres that significantly outstrip traditional stage roofing options in cost-effectiveness.

Portable or fixed

Eco-Conscious and Durable

We offer both portable and permanent models that are not only enduring but also eco-friendly. Their lightweight steel structure contributes to reduced CO2 emissions, emphasizing sustainability without compromising on longevity.

Easily assembled

Effortless Assembly

Our portable amphitheatres champion ease of assembly and disassembly, offering unparalleled flexibility. This significant advantage allows for the reuse and relocation of our awnings as needed, promoting both sustainability and adaptability in event planning.

Long lasting

Weatherproof and Long-Lasting

Constructed to last, our amphitheatres are waterproof, wind and snow resistant. With an estimated cover replacement only required after 7-10 years, our structures ensure sustained newness and resilience.

Setup by a small crew

Empowering Local Crews

Our amphitheatres can be set up by a small crew in a single day. To maximize cost-efficiency, we offer training for local crews, enabling swift and effective assembly of our geodesic stage roofs within a few days.

Solid flooring

Flooring Solutions

Our amphitheatres feature anti-slip hardwood flooring, enhancing safety. We offer adaptable solutions, employing temporary premium flooring or utilizing existing stages or foundations, all compatible with our geodesic canopy for a seamless fit.

Heavy duty weatherproof covers

Resilient Weatherproof Covers

Our strong, anti-tear, fire-resistant covers are designed with global adaptability in mind. We recognize diverse climate challenges from deserts to seaside, to mountains, and tailor our performance tent structures accordingly.

Custom Branding available

Flexible Branding Options

We offer custom branding on our amphitheatre covers, be it temporary or permanent. This versatility allows you to personalize your space, reflecting your brand identity or event theme effectively and uniquely.

Additional possibilities

Basic Equipment

Delve into the extraordinary standard features of our geodomes and unlock their full potential. Embark on an extraordinary journey of enhanced possibilities

Precision Matters

Custom-fitted covers for high-quality geodome shells. small details, big difference. Experience flawless craftsmanship.

Enduring Framework

Enhance aesthetics and longevity with durable steel structures. Hot-dip galvanized & powder coated for lasting quality.

Premium Floor

Premium, heavy-duty circular floor perfectly fitted for leveling any ground. Elevate your dome experience.

Complete Solutions

Discover a world of additional options to enhance our domes. With Polidomes, you can access comprehensive expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and top-notch service, all under one roof. Experience the convenience of having everything you need in a single, reliable partner.

Print Perfection

Personalized Branding to Stand Out and Leave a Lasting Impression. Shine Above the Crowd.

Uninterrupted Connections

Seamlessly connect your geodomes with our connecting tunnels. Enhance the flow and functionality of your event space.

Gateway Expansion

Discover extended access with additional entrance and door options. Unlock limitless possibilities for your event space.

Lights & Sound

Illuminate and harmonize. Crafting the ideal atmosphere for every Event, tailored to perfection.

Climate Control

Heating & air conditioning for every space. Maintain comfortable climates, ensuring optimal comfort for all.

Additional services

Comprehensive Support

At Polidomes, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We prioritize your needs, ensuring full support and service throughout the entire project journey, from concept design to the final completion. Experience our dedication to your success.

Dependable Assistance

Count on our reliable service for all your Polidome needs. Our dedicated team is ready to promptly assist you with any issues, ensuring your peace of mind throughout your Polidome journey.

Efficient Assembly

Leave the assembly to our expert team or opt to train your own team. Rest assured, your Polidomes project is in capable hands, ensuring seamless assembly and successful outcomes.

Global Reach

We offer worldwide delivery, prioritizing secure packing and transport. No matter where you are, our commitment to safe and reliable delivery ensures your Polidomes reach you in pristine condition.

Certified Excellence

Certified Excellence. Rest easy knowing that our Polidomes are backed by certified safety and guaranteed quality. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that our products meet rigorous standards, providing you with peace of mind and exceptional quality. We hold a TUV Rheinland certificate.