Additional equipment

Exclusive Polidomes Support

We offer services like cover replacement and dome upgrades exclusively to our valued Polidomes customers. If you own genuine Polidomes products, we're here for you.

Please note, we don't support products from other suppliers. Your loyalty grants you our top-tier services.

Comprehensive Dome Services

Beyond manufacturing domes, we offer setup and training services. Opt for our full team, or up to 3 supervisors, depending on the dome's size.

Plus, we can train your team for seamless operations. With us, you're ensured expertise and safety.

Flexible Shipping Options

Explanation: We offer shipping arrangements for your convenience, but it's optional. If you prefer managing it yourself, you're welcome to. The primary distinction lies in the responsibility for timely delivery. Choose what suits you best.

Additional equipment
Enhanced Service & Upgrades

Polidomes: Dedicated Support

For our cherished customers, once you own a Polidomes venue, we commit to assist throughout its lifespan. We exclusively serve Polidomes products and don't provide services for other suppliers' items.

We also don't sell covers for existing non-Polidomes frameworks; custom designs often cost more than a new set. Our top priority? Responsibility — and we proudly take it, but only for our genuine products.

Polidomes Distinction

Our distinctiveness stems from unwavering commitment to superior product quality, exceptional customer service, and skilled assembly teams. Our offerings extend beyond domes and hardware to innovative content creation. Instead of large sales teams and extensive marketing, we focus our investments on product excellence, ensuring our customers receive value without added costs.

Global Reach, Personal Touch

Globally connected, we operate across Europe, the Middle East, and North America thanks to our international partnerships. We're selective in our projects, prioritizing those that align with our high standards and reputation. Customer loyalty is paramount. We foster enduring relationships, ensuring our valued clientele always feels supported. At our core, we're passionate dome enthusiasts — flexible, dedicated, and genuinely excited about our craft.

Additional equipment
Partnership Excellence

Navigating Your Vision with Polidomes

When you decide to journey with Polidomes, you're not just selecting a product – you're embracing an experience molded in clarity, transparency, and a promise of perfection. Every stage is meticulously crafted to mirror your aspirations, reflecting our dedication to your project's success. Our approach is simple: Your dream, amplified by our expertise, translated into a tangible masterpiece. As you outline your vision, our role is to provide the precision tools and guidance that ensure its flawless execution.

With Polidomes, you're not just a client; you become a part of a collaborative symphony where your ideas take center stage, and we ensure they resonate perfectly.

Packing Dimensions

With each unique project comes unique requirements. We'll detail the packing size of your order, ensuring you have the exact measurements for logistics or warehouse planning.

Tool Guidance

For those purchasing and planning roadshows, we'll equip you with a tailored tool list. With our training, you’ll know precisely what to acquire for a swift, effective dome setup with your crew.

Customs & Documentation

Navigating international borders can be complex. We'll prepare all necessary engineering documentation and additional forms for a hassle-free customs and tax clearance process.