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Integrated Geodesic Flooring The Fusion of Stability and Design

Our unique premium floor integrates with the dome, enhancing stability. Unlike others, it complements the geodesic design, offers heavy-duty leveling on uneven terrains, and ensures long-lasting, precise solidity.

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Basic equipment

Floor systems

Geometric Flooring: Enhancing Dome Stability & Leveling

Our premium floor resembles cake or pizza slices. Crafted from galvanized framework and anti-slip plywood, it has a gap for additional weight, ensuring stability and hidden enhancements.

Geodesic Floor 1
The floor's triangular segments mirror the dome's elegant structure
Geodesic Floor 2
The gap between the framework and the plywood top can hold water ballast for added weight

A geosphere tent equipped with a solid floor not only increases the stability of the structure, but also the comfort in use itself. It emphasizes the floor's weight advantage and its functionality on uneven terrains while also highlighting the eliminated need for external anchoring or concrete blocks. If this captures everything you want to convey, then it's good to go!

Comparison drawing: Dome vs. Premium Floor Weight


The floor's weight is typically 2.5-3 times greater than the dome's structure

Floor systems

What are the available methods for setting up the dome?

Premium Floor Integration: This involves using a heavy-duty floor that seamlessly integrates with the dome. It acts as an anchor, providing stability, especially in areas with heavy winds.

Water Ballast System

Spaces between the plywood and steel framework can be equipped with a water ballast system. This provides added weight to the premium floor, further enhancing the stability of the dome.

Anchoring Steel Feet

In conditions demanding maximum security, each steel foot that connects the dome and flooring should be anchored to the ground. This ensures optimal stability even in the most challenging scenarios.

Before setting up, it's recommended to consult with engineering specialists to determine the best approach for your specific location and conditions.

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Pros and Cons of
the Premium Floor

Anchoring Advantages

No need for intrusive ground alterations like drilling holes in concrete for steel pegs. Our flooring solution removes the need for such security measures, simplifying installation.

Level & Luxurious

Our flooring ensures an even base, negating additional groundwork on-site. Some opt for carpet overlays, but our floor's design is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain, making additional coverings optional.

Strength & Specifics

While our flooring can bear the weight of vehicles, special care and calculations are necessary if the intention is car support rather than pedestrian traffic. This ensures safety and longevity.

Considerations in Size

Though the dome is compact, our floor's packed size is notably large. This can influence shipping costs and extend setup and dismantle times, impacting overall expenses and timelines.