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Year-Round Versatile Spaces

Adaptable for any purpose, domes provide year-round functional solutions.

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Year-round structures

Versatile Freedom

Domes provide an expansive freedom, unparalleled by traditional architecture. Their lack of walls gifts occupants with adaptable space, tailored by personal vision. Glamping showcases this innovation on a micro scale.

These are no longer mere tents but hotel-grade accommodations. Larger domes extend this adaptability, from hosting grand events to simulating Martian habitats or shielding ice rinks, their versatility shines.

Year Round Structures Geodesic Domy by Polidomes
Domes & Northern Lights

Iceland's Ultimate Experience!

Now, enjoy the Northern Lights in unprecedented comfort. Dive into the coziness of our domes amidst Iceland's majestic landscape.

Grow Your Venture

Unique Year-Round Venue!

Transform every occasion into a spectacle. Host your weddings and events with us and make memories all year round!

Mobile Excellence

Relocate Your Glamping Resort Seamlessly!

Discover how we redefine efficiency. See firsthand how we've masterfully relocated entire dome resorts in record time!

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Glamping Geodesic Structures Year Round Relaxation
Exclusive Glamping with relaxation equipment
Glamping for Rest
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Dive into a World of Inspiration with
Our Projects!

Our diverse portfolio is a testament to our adaptability, creativity, and commitment.

From majestic resorts to intricate designs, every project we undertake is fueled by passion and precision. Don't just take our word for it—explore our projects and let them inspire your next big idea.

Discover the vast array of ventures we've transformed, and envision what we could do for yours.

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Dome Branding Essentials

Diverse Dome Destinations:
From Playgrounds to High-Tech Havens

Glamping Dome Retreats

Nestled in nature, our domes provide a serene glamping experience. Tailored for nature lovers, they immerse guests in wilderness beauty. Looking to expand? We don't just offer individual domes; we excel in crafting vast glamping dome resorts. Dreaming of such a resort? We are the partners you seek.

Economical Seasonal Domes

For those seeking intermittent use, our domes are a perfect fit. Designed with economic sensibility, they strike a balance between budget-friendliness and functionality. You decide the features; whether it's occasional heating or cooling,

Step into Our Visual Journey: The Photo Gallery Awaits!

Each image in our gallery speaks to our dedication, creativity, and versatility. From breathtaking landscapes to detailed close-ups, our photos capture the essence of every endeavor. Don't just hear about our prowess—see it for yourself. Browse through our curated gallery and let the visuals spark your imagination. Witness the range of projects we've beautifully captured, and imagine the potential of your next vision.


Discover Our Virtual World Venue: Immerse and Be Amazed!

Immerse and Be Amazed! Seeking a space that transports you beyond reality? Dive into our high-tech environments tailored for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you're stepping into a forest or walking on the moon, our rooms are equipped with the latest in virtual technology, ensuring an experience like no other. Don't just read about the future—live it. Explore our virtual venues and feel the pulse of cutting-edge innovation. Envision the endless possibilities as you sense the vibrant aura of next-generation tech.

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