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Geodesic architecture

Geodesic architecture

Innovative Geodesic Structures

We transform visions into durable, efficient projects. Our unique design approach creates architectural masterpieces.

Premium Geodesic Solutions - Polidomes: Tailored Expertise for High-End Geodesic Designs

Are you a distinguished brand or a substantial organization seeking peerless, professional expertise for your unique geodesic project? Allow us to extend our services to you. At Polidomes, we're a globally recognized, full-service contractor specializing in state-of-the-art geodome solutions. Our extensive experience is reflected in our diversified portfolio of meticulously executed projects, spanning from the deserts of the Middle East to the far frozen north.

Our highly skilled team of professionals stands ready with the knowledge and resources to transform your vision into stunning, robust, and efficient geodesic structures. We hold a deep-seated commitment to quality and excellence, focusing on providing the finest solutions that meet the needs of our discerning clients. With Polidomes, you're not just choosing a service provider, but a trusted partner for your high-demand projects in advanced geodesic design.

Resilient Architecture

Hospital & Crisis Shelters

Polidomes, in collaboration with top medical experts, has developed cutting-edge Field Hospitals, providing swift responses to global crises. These lightweight shelters are engineered to excel in any climate, prioritizing safety with medical locks, HEPA filtration, and advanced HVAC systems, ensuring a pandemic-ready environment. Additionally, Polidomes' geodesic domes offer remarkable versatility, including the ability to transform into various functional spaces, such as rugby rooms. With their agility, quick setup, and potential relocation, these structures offer ergonomic solutions for semi-permanent hospitals or crisis response facilities. Furthermore, Polidomes' commitment to sanitation involves demolishing and rebuilding the shelters after a designated period, thereby eliminating bacteria and disease risks present in conventional hospital walls.

A Turnkey Formula for Real Hospital Medical Standards: Polidomes' geodesic shelters are designed to meet real hospital medical standards, providing a comprehensive turnkey solution. These shelters offer remarkable speed in construction, ensuring that essential medical facilities can be established rapidly in emergency situations. The shelters' adherence to medical standards guarantees that patients receive high-quality care and treatment, even in challenging environments.

Hospital Anti-Pandemic COVID System - operating room using geodesic dome construction

Weather and Hurricane Resistance: Polidomes' geodesic shelters boast weather resistance and are designed to withstand hurricane conditions. This exceptional resilience ensures that medical operations can continue without interruption, even in adverse weather conditions. Patients, medical staff, and equipment are protected, providing a safe and reliable environment for healthcare services.

Free Space and Modular Functionality: The geodesic domes' unique design offers generous free space and modular functionality, enabling customizable solutions to fit specific healthcare needs. Large domes can be equipped with mezzanines to optimize space utilization, while smaller domes can serve as extra back office or support facilities. Each dome can be designated for a different hospital function, promoting efficient and organized operations.

Scalability and Interconnectivity: One of the key advantages of Polidomes' shelters is their scalability and interconnectivity. Additional domes can be easily connected and added as needed. This flexibility allows hospitals to expand their capacity swiftly in response to evolving healthcare demands. The interconnected domes foster seamless collaboration and enhance the overall functionality of the medical facility.

Unparalleled Freedom and Functionality: Polidomes' geodesic shelters offer unparalleled freedom and functionality for healthcare providers. The versatility of the domes allows them to be adapted to various hospital functions, making them ideal for dynamic healthcare environments. Whether it's responding to a crisis, accommodating patient overflow, or creating specialized treatment areas, these shelters can be tailored to meet diverse requirements.

Conclusion: Polidomes stands as a pioneer in providing advanced Hospital & Crisis Shelters, in collaboration with top medical experts. Their geodesic domes offer a versatile and turnkey solution that adheres to real hospital medical standards. With weather and hurricane resistance, free space, and modular functionality, Polidomes' shelters provide unparalleled freedom and adaptability for healthcare needs. The scalability and interconnectivity ensure rapid response and expansion capabilities, making Polidomes the ideal choice for healthcare facilities in the most challenging times.

Sustainable dome architecture

Snow Domes and Ice Bars

Embark on an Arctic Adventure in our Enchanting Snow Domes and Ice Bars.

Escape to a winter wonderland like no other. Our captivating Snow Domes transform Geodomes into snowy sanctuaries, complete with ice skating rinks, thrilling slopes, and epic snowball arenas. Perfect for keeping cool in hot climates, such as the Middle East, our Ice Bars offer an unforgettable atmosphere to unwind and enjoy refreshing beverages. Indulge in the coolest vibes and create unforgettable memories in the enchanting world of Snow Domes and Ice Bars. Step into our icy oasis and let the adventure begin.

Snow Geodesic Domes and Ice Bars - Geodome igloo with artificial ice for fun at any time of the year
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