Some Our GeoDome Projects: Projections, Spherical, Hospital, E-gaming, Snow Domes, Igloo and etc...
Geodesic architecture



Do you need the professional help
of experts to design and build an
extraordinary geodesic project?

Then You’ve come to the right place! Polidomes is a full-solution contractor and integrator of technological solutions
offering advanced uses for Geodomes. We are recognized as a world leader in this developmental field and have
designed and built hundreds of custom Projects worldwide - from the deserts of the Middle East to the frozen far north.

Geodesic Solutions

& crisis

When the pandemic first hit,
Polidomes spent over a year
collaborating with top medical
experts to develop a Field
Hospital that can be used
to meet any crisis situation.

Our Field Hospitals can be quickly set up
in any climate or terrain, are equipped with
medical locks, HEPA filtration and HVAC
system for a safe pandemic-ready
medical environment.

Hospital Anti-Pandemic COVID System - operating room using geodesic dome construction
Geodesic Solutions

Snow domes
& Ice bars

Snow Domes are large Geodomes
equipped with either
artificial snow or machines
that produce real snow.

Snow domes can contain everything
from an ice skating rink to a large slope
for tubing and sledding or even a special
area for snowball fights.

An Ice Bar is a bar / lounge Geodome
with stacks of artificial ice – both are
ideal ways to keep cool in hot climates
such as the Middle East.

Snow Geodesic Domes and Ice Bars - Geodome igloo with artificial ice for fun at any time of the year
Geodesic architecutre

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