Basic equipment


Dome covers


The design
are limitless!

We are experts at construction,
design, printing and thermal welding of PVC covers.

We use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing machinery to ensure that each exclusive portable dome and permanently mounted dome is durable, water and weather
resistant, and looks like a picture.

1 Fault free

Our dome vobers
are guaranteed
free from defects

2 High tear

We use the strongest
materials available

3 Flame

Covers have B1
& M2 flame resistance


You choose
which sections
are transparent


Our covers
withstand all
weather conditions

6 Year-round

Made for any
weather and
any climate

Geodomes covers

cover guarantee

We use high quality Serge
Ferrari tent material for
our standard dome covers


This HD fabric is built to last and comes with a 7 year warranty against any defects in material or workmanship. Although covers need periodic cleaning with soap and water and may fade slightly over the years, if no mechanical damage occurs, the lifespan of the cover generally lasts much longer than the warranty. We can change the entire cover after the end of the warranty period if needed.

7-year cover warranty

the standards

Each of our geodome covers
are custom made to perfectly
fit the geodome framework structure for which
it is intended.

Our high frequency and hot-air welding equipment assure a perfect fit and seamless bonds. We are able to produce custom made covers of any size or style.

Our dome covers come fully
opaque, partly or fully transparent.

Our standard one-piece covers are the quickest and most economical to produce, although we are able to produce custom made covers of any size or style. Below you will find examples of our many design possibilities.

Below you will find examples of our many design possibilities.

Our standard covers

1 Standard

A Completely opaque

Completely opaque

Transparent domes are not available in the
basic or premium option. Individual pricing,
limited availability.

Our standard covers are white or clear,
but we can always change the color.
Additionally, we can add your logo, or
print the entire dome, whatever you want!

Completely opaque

B Transparent front

Transparent front

The transparent front provides partial
shading, more sunlight and visibility
of the inside of the tent from the outside.

Transparent front

C Fully transparent

Fully transparent

An opaque cover creates complete shading
and blocks sunlight and 100% of UV
radiation inside the tent.

Fully transparent
Our standard covers

2 Additional
covers options

A Transparent opaque sides
Transparent & opaque sides
opaque & transparent
triangle front
opaque & small
transparent triangle
opaque & transparent front
3/5 opaque & 2/5 transparent
opaque & transparent
front rhombus
opaque roof & transparent
opaque & duble transparent
opaque roof & transparent
Transparent & opaque sides
opaque & transparent triangle
Your coverage ideas
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Geodome Uses

Unlimited Applications

Festivals, performances
& cultural events

Whether You plan to host a large music festival, a play
or unique performance we have more than thirteen years’
experience helping customers host successful events.
Combine Your event with our 360 ° projections and other
high tech solutions to create something Your guests will
never forget!

Museum, education,
art & culture exhibits

Our team of theme creators and art designers can show
You ways to bring your own content to life in ways You
never thought possible. We offer both simple and complex
solutions including full surround projections inside the dome
and other AV possibilities to make Your event a completely
unique experience.

Galas, private parties
& VIP lounges

Want to host an event for special guests and provide them
with an experience they will never forget. We create spectacular
spaces for celebrities, social icons and VIPs of all levels of
society (like You!). Our event specialists can arrange any sort
of entertainment, special effects or personal touches that will
delight Your important guests.

Corporate events, trade fairs,
& product launches

Our marketing experts have helped both major brands
and smaller companies promote their company, products
and services with astounding success. Impress your clients
and employees alike with Polidomes unique Event Domes.