One of the projects that Polidomes International takes particular pride in is the construction of an Orlik-type sports field cover. The scope of the awarded tender was to design and build this unique facility. The R&D and design department invested a great deal of effort into creating and subsequently constructing this structure. To this day, this modern and cost-effective facility serves dozens of school children, regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Tunnel Sport 3D Structure Project by Polidomes
Cubic capacity of the building (Volume)V = 2 600m3
Built-up area calculated above the ground levelBUA = 395 m2
Usable area of the structure, UA = H = 375 m2
Building height to the ridge (from ground level at the main entrance)H = 7,5 m
Roof slope angleVarying
Dimensions of the object15 x 25 m

Here is a detailed description of the technology used:

The external walls and roof form the main load-bearing structure of the building. They consist of a steel structure with a tubular and rectangular cross-section, protected by an anti-corrosion coating and coated with polyester paint (in an RAL color agreed upon with the client). The walls and roof are constructed with sheet metal and filled with polyurethane core for insulation.

The insulation material used is PIR boards, which have an equivalent coefficient to mineral wool and provide effective insulation.

The structural walls that form the arched roof are prefabricated steel load-bearing structures arranged spatially. They are equipped with a 17 cm thick layer of PIR board for insulation, with a lambda value of 0.024 W/mK. The maximum heat transfer coefficient for the roof part is Ucmax = 0.15 W/m2K, and for the wall part is Ucmax = 0.20 W/m2. The total thickness of the layers on the spatial frame is approximately 17 cm.

The windows are hinged and made of three-pane glass units or glazing panels composed of multi-chamber polycarbonate. They have a thermal transmittance coefficient of U = 0.80 [W/m2K]. The size and location of the windows are determined in accordance with the client’s specifications.

The ridge skylight is also made of multi-chamber polycarbonate with a thermal transmittance coefficient of U = 0.80 [W/m2K]. Its size and location are determined in consultation with the client.

The entrance doors are double-wing aluminum doors with a minimum clear dimension of 1.8 m. They are divided horizontally into a transparent upper part and a light-blocking lower part. The doors are equipped with an anti-panic system on the inside and a self-closing mechanism. They open outward, and their dimensions are determined based on the ground plan. The frame color and the light-blocking part of the doors are in accordance with the specifications outlined in the Terms of Reference or better.

The external aluminum sectional doors and the method of opening them are determined in consultation with the client.

The summer period ventilation is achieved through gravity ventilation, while mechanical supply-exhaust ventilation is used during the winter period. The external unit is designed in an external execution, and the ventilation ducts in the external part are insulated.

The modularity and lightweight nature of the structure allow for modifications of individual elements according to the client’s guidelines during the design stage.

Advantages of Polidomes ESH:

  • Construction speed: The Polidomes structure minimizes the use of steel while maintaining a dense structure with more elements. Although collectively lighter than traditionally erected steel beams, it ensures a fast construction process.
  • Limited use of concrete: The construction method reduces the need for concrete compared to traditional approaches.
  • Shorter construction time: The efficient construction technique results in reduced working time for construction crews and equipment.
  • Less reliance on construction cranes: The Polidomes structure requires fewer construction cranes compared to traditional construction methods.

Energy efficiency measures:

  • LED lighting: The sports hall is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Insulation: The structure is designed with high-quality insulation materials, ensuring reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling.
  • Natural ventilation: The facility utilizes natural ventilation during the summer months to reduce the need for artificial cooling.
  • Efficient heating system: The heating system is designed to provide optimal warmth while minimizing energy waste.

Overall, the Polidomes ESH sports hall built in Rawicz in November 2018 stands as a testament to Polidomes International’s commitment to delivering modern, energy-efficient, and adaptable sports facilities. The hall provides a comfortable environment for students, regardless of the outdoor conditions, while minimizing energy consumption and ensuring durability. Its modular design allows for easy modifications and future expansion, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile sports facility.

Tunnel Dome Football Video by Polidomes