Xplore Dome Immersive Spherical Cinema 360

At the end of the final days of 2023, Polidomes International unveiled its latest masterpiece to the world – Xploredome: Themed Experience. This pioneering blend of art, technology, and entertainment captures the hearts of visitors, elevating their experiences to an entirely new, fascinating level. Spectacular spherical cinema as fulldome by Polidomes International.

Unique Domes:

XploreDome comprises three impressive domes, starting with the welcoming reception dome where guests are greeted. However, the main attraction lies in the 500m2 fulldome, where immersive spherical projections transport viewers on unforgettable virtual journeys. The last dome is the 360 photo booth, a space filled with fun and magic.

Immersive Geodesic Tents Complex Xplore Dome / Krakow

Attractions Taking a Special Place in the Entertainment World:

  • Kaleidoscopic Tunnel: Colorful impressions and mesmerizing shapes turn every step in the tunnel into a journey into the world of abstraction.
  • Fire Tunnel: A spectacular passage through the fire tunnel, where flames dance to the rhythm of a magical choreography, leaving indelible impressions.
  • Gallery of Living Pictures: An interactive space where projections become living works of art, reacting to every movement.
  • 360 Projection Hall: A unique experience enveloping the entire space, transporting participants into fantastic worlds.

Evolution and Excellence:

XploreDome is more than just another project; it’s an evolution, an upgrade, and a continuation of the success of the Artdome project. With acquired experience, Polidomes International has created a space where technology becomes art, and entertainment becomes an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Join Us on a Collective Journey into the World of Xploredome – Where Entertainment Becomes Art! 🚀🎭

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Xplore Dome ( in polish: Kino Sferyczne Nowej Generacji – Pełna Immersia Audio-Wizualna )