May 2024 began with a remarkable event for Polidomes. Polidomes successfully delivered and installed four geodesic dome tents for the XVI European Economic Congress (EEC), which took place in Katowice. The event, organized by PTWP SA, was held at Pl. Sławika i Antalla 1, 40-163 Katowice. This prestigious meeting serves as an open forum for discussions on the future of the European and Polish economies, maintaining its long-standing mission of supporting broad and diverse debates.

European Economic Congress 2024 and Connected Domes by Polidomes

For this significant event, Polidomes provided two P150 tents, one P110 tent, and one P300 tent. The setup featured transparent coverings for the P110 tent, a custom connecting tunnel, aluminum doors, three aluminum trusses, and an HVAC system. This arrangement not only ensured functionality and aesthetic appeal but also created favorable conditions for the congress participants.

The transparent coverings and custom connecting tunnel facilitated smooth movement and interaction between the tents, enhancing the overall experience for the participants. The aluminum trusses and doors added structural integrity and security, while the HVAC system ensured comfort inside the tents regardless of the external weather conditions.

Polidomes’ involvement added a modern and sophisticated touch to the European Economic Congress, creating a conducive space for productive discussions and business meetings.

For more information about the European Economic Congress and its mission, visit the official website at EEC Poland (