Ranczo Panderossa is a beautiful glamping resort located in the Pomeranian district of northwestern Poland. The owners are long-time customers of Polidomes. Some years ago they decided to try out the glamping business and purchased two Polidomes glamping dome tents to place on their lovely eco-farm. Their glamping business has since become extremely successful and continued to grow and thrive.

To accommodate the many customers requesting bookings, this year they decided to expand their glamping resort business by taking advantage of Polidomes new glamping dome rental / leasing offer and added five more of Polidomes newest Premium G50 Boho style glamping dome tents to their resort.

Polidomes long term rental / share / partnership offer allows landowners to start or expand a glamping resort on their own land with extremely easy terms. Be sure and visit our Glamping pods webpage to find out more how we can help you easily start your own successful glamping business in no time.

The five Premium G50 (m2) models Ranczo Panderossa chose came fully setup and ready to use. The spacious Premium G50 is fully furnished in Boho style and comes equipped with attractive inner insulation panels, a mezzanine loft with bed, a luxury bathroom and kitchenette as well as a large living area with panoramic window – all the luxuries of home! You can see the Ranch Panderossa Glamping website: https://www.panderossa.pl/

Our glamping dome tents are extremely durable, can be used year-round and withstand the most severe weather conditions while guests remain safe and cozy in luxurious surroundings. Our glamping pod domes can be set up on any terrain and can be used on grid or off. The recuperation ventilation system provides remotely operated comfortable temperature year round. The galvanized steel framework and heavy duty cover are built to last many years.

The following video gives you a behind the scenes look at our modern factory and the research and hard work of Polidomes experts to create the best glamping pods on the planet and explains how you can get started with your own successful glamping business:

We offer worldwide service and delivery and best of all, we offer rental of our glamping dome tents which makes it easy for almost anyone with a piece of land to start their own profitable glamping resort business.