The Science Picnic, organized by the Kepler Science Center, was held on Saturday, July 23, 2016. The date of the event was not chosen randomly, as it was on July 25, 2015 that NASA announced the discovery of an earth-like planet, which was named Kepler 452b.

We at Polidomes are honored that our company could participate as a strategic sponsor in this first-of-its-kind scientific picnic in Zielona Góra. For the occasion, we created as many as four Polidomes geodesic tents. All attendees were impressed by the modern design of domes, which attracted quite a lot of interest.

The Kepler Science center, which includes the Venus Planetarium and the Nature Center , is a very modern educational center that combines learning and fun.

The Planetarium Venus, a cinema hall with a moveable dome for astronomy presentations and fulldome projection technology, is unparalleled in Europe. It is worth noting that all Polidomes spherical tents can be used as mobile planetariums, additionally equipped with an internal lining adapted for spherical projection.

The picnic was divided into five thematic zones, with each catering to different interests. The Aero Zone was home the Lublin Earth Aeroclub, which presented gliders, and talked about the many ways you can take to the skies. With the help of the Drzonów Military Museum, the zone was enhanced with exhibits from the aviation collection The Space Zone was treat for anyone interested in astronomy. With different kinds of telescopes, guests could observe the sun and look for meteorites.

Another zone was called ‘Health and Relaxation,’ where visitors could learn about the secrets of professional cosmetics and learn about healthy lifestyles. In experiment zone, you could work with Kepler Science Center staff to perform experiments in physics, chemistry and biology. The Knowledge and Ideas Zone was the place where, thanks to the cooperation of the University of Zielona Góra and the Kepler Science Center’s partners, everyone could learn about the most important discoveries and developments around the world.

Polidomes, a member company of the 2KB Group, used the occasion to present our new children’s trampoline park (Skokoloco Our work in the event industry has resulted in a new attraction on the map of Zielona Góra.

We are pleased to be able to support research projects that aim to educate both children and adults. We hope that next year we will be able to take part once again, and, together with the Kepler Science Center, broaden Poles’ horizons!