From July 31 to August 14, during the St. Dominic Fair in Gdansk, the Pomeranian Voivodship Marshal’s Office launched the ‘Healthy Pomerania’ campaign, which aimed to raise residents’ and visitors’ awareness of the importance of preventative medicine.

The Polidomes company took part in this event, preparing a spherical Polidome 75 spherical event dome, which welcomed doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists from hospitals in the Tri-City and surrounding areas. By special order, the front membrane was covered with a vinyl sticker with the logo of the Marshal’s Office, so that everyone interested event knew where he could seek medical advice. On hotter days, an evaporative air conditioner was used, protecting the inside of the tent from sun and heat. Each participant had the chance to cool off while waiting for an appointment with a specialist.

At the Coal Market, both Tri-City residents and visitors received advice from professionals in the fields of nutrition, allergy, oncology, physiotherapy, orthopedics and many others. Thousands of free medical tests were carried out, including measurements of blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI. There were many discussions regarding more unusual ailments and how to deal with them both on your own and with the help of a doctor. During the event there was also first aid training by paramedics.

In addition to our spherical dome tent, the event was supported by the DKMS Foundation Blood Bus, where anyone could volunteer to join the database of blood stem cell or bone marrow donors.

7,000 people were tested, 2,200 provided with medical consultations, and 1,600 trained in first aid. These figures show the great interest generated by this important event.

We are pleased that Polidomes could support the promotion of preventive examinations, which received wide coverage across Poland. The health and safety of our customers is our number one priority, though Polidomes’ construction is characterised by durability and safety. With us, you can find an appropriate event setting which participants will remember for the long term.

We invite cities and municipalities to cooperate with us, and to use Polidomes spherical dome structures for various types of events to raise awareness and educate. Polidomes geodesic tents are the ideal solution for any event needs.