This time Polidomes assembly crew departed to Gdansk with the task to assemble a large dome tent Polidome 300 for corporate purposes of the largest power producing company in Poland – Polish Energy Group.

This is another good signal that our company is going in a right way – such a giant companies trust us the key to their successful corporate event – the venue! Polidomes is a premiere partner in the organisation of events on a large scale.

The geodesic dome kit had to be placed on the territory of the power plant, so Polidomes team of 10 professionals had to obey strict safety instructions. They had to pass the safety training and to work in a special protective equipment.

The area intended for the geodesic tent installation was layed at the foot of the powerful chimneys, where the great water vapor arose, formed as a result of the power plant operating- amazing view.
Being a well-coordinated assembling team our crew worked fast and cohesively.

Usually the installation of 300 square meter corporate event space takes 2 days. Being a well-coordinated assembling team our crew worked fast and cohesively. It had to be a recording fast assembling if everything would have been going the same way. But the next day the strong wind hindered the work to be continued and now we know that our geodesic dome cover works well as a sail! This was the first time in the company history when weather conditions didn’t allow the montage to be finished on time.

Thanks to our tireless and hardworking team, assembling was finished lightning fast on the third day, delivering the ready place for the subcontractors that had to install the technical and decorative part.

The corporate event for GK PGE went perfectly! A lot of mass media was on the place covering the event. Every time the design solutions inside the dome tent manage to surprise us, whereas Polidomes geodesic domes provide an exclusive, sheltered space, which can be used for any event.

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