Holiday cottages – glamping in dome tents in Loch Tay Scotland.

For the purposes of the project, Polidomes designed a brand new geodesic tent format, Polidome 20. Thanks to our technology, for the first time in history, we co-created an exclusive resort in Loch Tay Lodges in Scotland. In the charming scenery of Loch Tay (freshwater lake, a popular place to fish for salmon) erected were as many as eleven Polidomes geodesic glamping tents. Each of the 18m2 tents acts as a holiday cottage and attracts interest of visiting tourists.

The technology of double insulation on the walls and flooring of the tent implemented in the production of Polidome 20 make it possible to successfully use the tents throughout the year as they provide thermal comfort to the guests. In addition, a series of Polidome 20 tents come with solar ventilation system which provides the perfect air circulation within the tent.

Inside, the tent is equipped with a double bed, a sitting area and a romantic fireplace, making the glamping dome usable as year-round accommodation. Staying in this type of room is an incredible experience for both children and adults.

Beyond that, it is also possible to adapt the tent to specific needs. A sauna dome tent and a playground tent further increase the prestige of the destination, making it more attractive in the eyes of potential customers. Glamping is a new fashionable way to spend your holidays. If one seeks harmony with nature, eco-villages of this type are the perfect combination of comfort and elegance.

Glamping offers an alternative to traditional accommodation alternative in big cities, and a sense of luxury and harmony with nature in the most beautiful, secluded and peaceful places around the world.

We invite all those interested in expanding or enhancing their hotel accommodation base to find out more about POLIDOMES glamping domes.

In order to meet your expectations, we rent and sale geodesic constructions designed for glamping.

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