A Polidome 75 promotes Garnier products.

A Polidome 75 geodesic tent was adapted as a location for the world premiere of a new Garnier product.

Inside the geodesic dome, meetings with journalists and influential people from the cosmetics industry were held. The P75 proved itself a great setting for a demanding client from the beauty industry.

Polidome geodesic tents are mainly used for all manner of events and commercial promotional activities. As far as Poland is concerned, the idea of the promotional event is relatively new, and the Polish event industry is still budding.

The main goals of such events organized by companies include:

  • increasing brand awareness,
  • marking the company’s presence on the market,
  • building or strengthening attachment brand loyalty,
  • presenting a new product,
  • attracting customers,
  • strengthening existing contacts and relationships with customers,
  • enhancing or developing the loyalty of customers and employees,
  • communicating with customers, partners, multipliers, journalists etc. …


geodesic tent, booth tent for promotion


It wasn’t any different this time. In the wonderful scenery of the Warsaw University Library’s gardens, L’Oreal Garnier held the world premiere for a new product.

The Polidome 75 lived up to the high demands associated with beauty industry events. A completely new design and the custom-made shell, stretched perfectly across the frame, created perfect ambiance for this event.

As a company, we are open and ready to meet the greatest challenges presented by our clients, and we guarantee that POLIDOMES structures will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

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