Geo domes are the ultimate exclusive portable venue and a waterproof durable and perfectly-fitted cover makes for the picture-perfect marquee. It gives you endless possibilities!

Quality and Durability

In the production process, we use material from leading manufacturers, such as Sioen, Mehler Texnologies and Serge Ferrari. All materials used in domes manufacturings have anti fire resistance such as B1, M2 and etc. Thanks to 10 years of engineering experience, state-of-the-art design software, the best HF and hot air welding machines, Polidomes ensures precision, quality and optimal performance in all our dome structures. We offer windows, skylights and other cover modifications. These options can be added to your Geodome to increase visibility and noticeability. We will design your Geo dome and provide a 3D visualization, so you can be sure that we will create the perfect Geodome for your needs.

End results guaranteed!

After the careful process of designing a cover to perfectly matched to each dome tent, the plotter cuts each individual element, to be combined later. As a result, each sphere shape marquee cover is a tight fit, suitable for all weather conditions.