In November 2023, Polidomes introduced its P75 event dome in Greece, specifically in Athens. Partnering with the renowned marketing agency MAGNA EVENTS S.A., the company delivered a branded, medium-sized dome measuring 75 square meters with a transparent front and a system floor for the marketing setup during running competitions.

The project requirements were clear: they needed a multi-purpose structure that would serve as both comfortable support for the runners and an effective brand advertisement. The P75 dome, equipped with a transparent front and a system floor, emerged as the perfect solution, combining functionality with efficient brand promotion.

The P75 dome was skillfully branded, serving not only as a support area for the running competition participants but also as an effective advertising medium. Its versatility was impressive, meeting expectations as both a functional space for athletes and an attractive promotional element.

This particular project confirmed that Polidomes’ domes are versatile and adaptable, excelling in various applications. Their ability to attract attention and serve as an effective advertising tool, coupled with the transparent front and system floor, makes them an indispensable element in event organization.

With the success of this project, Polidomes recommends itself for similar ventures, demonstrating that their innovative event domes with specific features like transparency and system floors are an ideal choice for companies seeking versatility, advertising efficiency, and functionality all in one solution.