In the heart of Qatar, Polidomes proudly introduces the P300 event dome and the P150 projection dome, redefining immersive experiences for Qatar National Day celebrations.

From logistics to assembly and awe-inspiring projections, we handle every facet! Our craftsmanship extends beyond, crafting bespoke content to showcase the captivating beauty of Qatar’s sky in a stunning, immersive dome setting.

Key Features:

  • P150 Projection Dome: Adorned with premium projection equipment and deluxe flooring.
  • Projection Tunnels: Seamlessly accessible through sleek aluminium doors (x2).
  • Fulldome Content: Crafting an immersive visual spectacle.
  • Dedicated AV Technician: The mastermind behind our flawless displays.
  • P300 Event Dome: Showcasing premium flooring and aluminium doors (x2).
  • Expert Assembly: Ensuring a seamless setup for an unforgettable experience.

At the heart of our initiative lies the celebration of Qatar National Day. We aim to illuminate the night sky with a breathtaking Northern Lights display, brought to life through fulldome projection. Our mission? Accentuating Qatar’s unparalleled desert landscapes and beauty.It has been great job all of our team!

We look forward to the opportunity of continuing to bring such exceptional projects to life in the years to come!

Fulldome Projections in Quatar 2023