In December 2023, we had the extraordinary pleasure of delivering our unique product – the snow globe – to one of the most exceptional events on Poland’s December calendar: the Winter Porsche Village. The entire enchantment took place in the heart of Poland’s capital, Warsaw, at Elektrownia Powiśle, where residents and visitors alike could enjoy incredible attractions completely free of charge.

Porsche Snow Globe Video

This extraordinary village drew the community in with its magical charm and a plethora of attractions. Among them were an ice rink with skate rentals, a stall offering hot chocolate, and the innovative bubble tent, dubbed by the organizers as the “snowy sphere.” This name stemmed from the use of snow cannons that created a remarkable ambiance inside this unique structure. The “snowy sphere,” standing right next to the luxurious Porsche cars, was considered one of the main attractions of the entire event, capturing the attention and hearts of attendees.

But that’s not all! Within the village, there was also a charming pavilion where visitors, alongside the iconic Porsche 911, could participate in truly Christmas-themed events. From decorating baubles to crafting candles and gingerbread decoration, these activities provided unforgettable entertainment in the magical atmosphere of the Christmas season.

Undoubtedly, this unforgettable Winter Porsche Village became the heart of Warsaw’s winter for several weeks. Our bubble tent, as always, seamlessly blended into this extraordinary atmosphere, adding a touch of exclusivity and uniqueness.

We would like to encourage everyone to consider promoting their products within our snow globes. This isn’t just an excellent way to attract attention, but also ensures that every visitor wants to capture that magical moment in a photo! We invite you to explore the photo gallery and watch the video from this extraordinary event.

Thanks to the Winter Porsche Village, Warsaw transformed into a genuine center of winter and Christmas atmosphere for a few weeks. It was an unforgettable project, owing not only to the wonderful atmosphere but also to the fantastic attractions, including our reliable bubble tent.

We invite you to follow our innovative solutions and join us in creating unforgettable events!

Feel free to explore the photo gallery and video from this event to experience the exceptional atmosphere of the winter magical village! If want to know more about rental of bubble tents or snowballs ( snow globe ) please contact us.