A POLIDOMES sphere dome tent was employed as a mobile exhibition space, presenting the Greater Poland region as the cradle of Polish statehood and Christianity.

Inside the event tent, there were 10 monitors on which visitors could watch films about Poland and its history. Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to see 3D digital reconstructions of long-lost monuments.

The extraordinary traveling exhibition dome visted Görlitz, Leipzig, Prague, Dresden and Berlin. For safety purposes, we equipped the structure with the a ballast system, so anchoring the Geodome to the ground was not required.

The geodesic dome tent, serving as an alternative history lesson, was visited by students and their teachers as well as casual passers-by. The was a resounding suggests, with huge visitor interest.

The geodome–  Polidome 75 attracted attention with its eye-catching appearance, and was compared to the modern – Hewelianium Museum.

The project was financed by EU funds.

We invite directors, museum curators, and educational institutions to contact us and to organise educational and historical events inside our outdoor event tents.