A multimedia scientific exhibition at Gdansk Hewelianum inside the geodesic tent.

Polidomes provided the Polidome 110 geodesic tent structure with branding and Polywood flooring. For the first time, a geodesic design has been used to host the event under the name of “The researchers night”. Inside the event dome tent took place the presentation of molecular cuisine.

The live show of preparing dishes was followed by a tasting. This unusual exhibition took place in Gdansk. The Hewelianum Centre is located in the restored buildings on the grounds of the former Fort of Gora Gradowa. The Center is engaged in the popularisation of science by organising interactive and multimedia exhibitions.

Just like the Hewelianum Centre can present research in a modern and fun way, Polidomes can contribute uniqueness to each event. Portability and functionality of Polidomes dome tents allow you to exhibit your product anywhere in a well-planned manner. We offer you the possibility to equip the tent with additional features, such as suspended ceilings or adorned chairs and tables, which will add extra flair to the entire construction. We offer rental of geodesic tents with additional equipment, and even an open-air catering, orchestra, etc.

We guarantee that every event held inside our geodesic dome tents will remain an unforgettable experience for all guests!

If you have any question about our projects or tents, don’t hesitate to contact us.