The AGRISEM promotional dome tent for the AGRO SHOW fair

The AGRO SHOW agricultural fair is now in its sixteenth year. Spread over 120 acres, hundreds of exhibition tents display the newest from the world of agriculture. The exhibition is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe.

The event offers top-notch quality, excellent organisation, and a wide variety of attractions for visitors to choose from.

For the second year in a row, POLIDOMES proudly represented the French company AGRISEM, and – like the previous year – the exhibition inside the geodesic dome tent turned out to be a huge success. A Polidome 75 Geodome with transparent front made our client’s stand much more eye-catching.

Thanks to the transparent front of the tent’s shell, our client’s product presentation went very smoothly. The product and the brand were noticed even by those who didn’t enter the geodesic dome tent (which wasn’t too many!).

The second edition of open-air fun fair AGRO SHOW GRA scavenger hunt generated great interest among the visitoris. The participants had to solve tasks scattered at various points of the exhibition by visiting different exhibitors in their marquees. This unusual way of exploring the AGRO SHOW was especially engaging for young people and families with children. Within two days, 120 teams and nearly 250 people took part in the game, visiting all the exhibitors in their tents. The AGRO SHOW GRA was hosted by a popular TVN Turbo presenter- Michał Łukasiewicz.

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