The Polidome 30 branded promotional booth dome for Burn.

Our dedicated black dome tent for the BURN company had its debut at a festival in Laj, Romania. Only POLIDOMES offers such a wide spectrum of possibilities regarding materials and accessories. We offer 100% customization of our geodesic dome kit, adapted to the needs of each client.

The Electric Festival is held annually in late June, at the castle in Bánffy, in Cluj county, Romania. The festival offers many activities to the participants of the event. It’s an unusual cocktail of attractions: from a breath-taking historic location, to daytime activities (extreme sports, audio-visual workshops, etc.), to the best in electronic music. In 2014 alone, the event had over 5,000 people in attendance. Five stages welcomed more than 100 performers over the course of four days.

customised black event dome tent at the festival


A Polidome 30 Geodome tent was given opportunity to showcase one of the main sponsors, BURN energy drinks. It was our second project in Romania, and one of which we are very proud.

In contrast to conventional tent designs, branded promotional booth dome offer unique acoustic properties irrespective of their size.

Geodesic event tent shells can be partially or 100% transparent, and can even use a light-blocking shell. There is a variety of colours, shells and branding options to choose from. If you choose POLIDOMES, our team of graphic artists, designers and engineers will create the perfect customised geodesic tent for your needs.

POLIDOMES structures are lightweight, portable and can be erected without the use of heavy equipment, or even electricity. They are waterproof, protect against UV radiation and are extremely durable. We ship our structures worldwide. We offer you our support through the entire process of design, manufacturing, logistics, assembly and service. We care about our customers and our brand.

If you have any questions about our projects or tents, don’t hesitate to contact us.