An outdoor art exhibition in Bolesławiec during the holidays.

POLIDOMES had the honour of participating in the 19th annual Ceramics Festival in Bolesławiec. For the first time, the exhibition of International Ceramics and Sculpture took place at the festival, and in a POLIDOMES P110 tent.

The geodesic dome tent was erected in the Bolesławiec city centre, with artists’ sculptures hidden inside the tent. Illuminated at night, the sculptures attracted a lot of interest. For the first, the works were exhibited outside the BOK gallery, thanks to POLIDOMES tents.

Previously, exhibition took place in December, attracting artists and a small handful of interested viewers. Thanks to our structure, the exhibition became part of the Bolesławiec Ceramics Festival and was noticed by a wide audience.

POLIDOMES geodesic tents allow our partners to focus on any promotional concept, in a fully customized, temporary space. All this ensures adequate visibility and prestige at any event. The Bolesławiec Ceramics Festival aims to promote ceramics and the Bolesławiec region in general. During the festival, one can purchase original works of art and useful ceramic products.

The event was accompanied by demonstrations exhibitions by artists from around the world. It was also interesting to have the chance to see how ceramic is made in local factories. For five days, nearly 80 artists from Bolesławiec and surrounding areas, from Poland and abroad – from Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy – presented their ceramic works.

POLIDOMES was responsible for providing the space, flooring and lighting.

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