Custom made geodesic structures

Have your own concept for the perfect Geodome? Need a structure custom-built to suit your needs and exacting specifications?

An individual approach

If you are looking for a unique space or an event tent to add some spice to your business, contact us! We pay great attention to detail and have dedicated customer service. 


Our Geodomes are versatile, easy to build, eco-friendly and durable. Geodomes can be constructed on even the most difficult terrain (such as mountainsides and beaches) and in all weather conditions. Such structures rarely require building permits. Polidomes’ Geodomes provide a unique microclimate that creates the ideal atmosphere for tropical relaxation, spa treatments, or yoga. The possibilities are limitless. The shape of the sphere is as close to perfection and harmony as can be, thereby creating a perfect living space for you.

Elegant architecture

Our team will help manage your project from concept development to final installation. Our services include creating CAD drawings and 3D renderings together with all necessary calculations, technical consultation, structural analysis, manufacturing and service. All of our designs are covered by at least a two-year warranty!