Polidomes geodesic dome tents have even appeared in Madagascar.
We have yet another project to be proud of – we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Ambatovy, a large nickel and cobalt mining company headquartered in Madagascar.
The company is the largest foreign investor in the country, and one of the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to its enormous potential, Ambatovy is the industry leader in production efficiency and workplace safety, and is significantly improving the economic situation in Madagascar. Investments in African countries provide many secure jobs, thereby reducing poverty and unemployment among the local population.

Ambatovy is a joint venture consisting of three companies from Canada, Japan and Korea. The project has not only boosted Madagascar’s economy. but has also increased popular awareness of social and economic issues. A Polidome 110 spherical marquee tent was brought in to help in the promotion of the business. Thanks to our geodesic dome, the company had the opportunity to present guests its management policies, to display its products and to demonstrate the benefits of the investment. Quite importantly, the geodesic dome kit is also used for the purposes of training, education and health care wherever it is needed.

The Polidome 110 is a compact tent which, when ordered without a floor, can be packed on Euro pallets and event transported by plane. The client’s logo is printed on the tent cover, making it a fantastic medium for advertising at a variety of trade fairs, conferences and events.

Brand printed cover of geodesic dome tent

The project demonstrates the wide variety possible applications of our Event Dome Tents, as well as the many benefits they offer. We at Polidomes International are happy to deliver our products to the furthest corners of the world.