The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is a binding agreement among countries which aims to define the foundation of cooperation on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Nations participating in the convention gather every year to address the ever-growing problem of global warming.

The landmark climate summit proved to be COP21, where for the first time all countries on Earth managed to form an agreement, meaning that every country will now have to take action on climate change.

For twelve days, the most important representatives of 200 countries, as well as representatives of science, business, NGOs and environmental affairs debated the reduction of greenhouse gases.

We at Polidomes also had the pleasure of participating at this historic event in Morocco! One of our Polidomes 30 geodesic tents served as an information point on the main boulevard of the United Nations.

As a professional company, we are tasked not only with selling high quality products, but also with playing a role in important issues – such as saving the world, for example. To that end, we delivered the geodesic dome kit to Morocco within 3 days of the order, rescuing the prestige of the event.

We have a well-stocked warehouse of both new and used spherical dome structures in a variety of configurations, allowing us to guarantee both quick response time and a highly flexible offer tailored to the most demanding customers and events. We invite you to contact us!