The six-episode documentary fiction series Mars takes viewers to the year 2033. From the perspective of that year, it tells the story of efforts to colonize the eponymous planet – Mars. The series shows not only the whole process of traveling to Mars (based on real scientific evidence, including interviews with people involved in space exploration and the development of space technology, and with scientists), but also offers a vision of what might happen in the future.

The story centers on a journey to Mars organized in order to determine whether it’s possible to survive on the red planet. Everything gets complicated when the spacecraft is destroyed, and then the real struggle for survival begins…

Promotion of this series, filmed by National Geographic, took place in Columbus Square, Madrid – one of the biggest tourist attractions in Spain.

To create an atmosphere that would amaze curious spectators with the feeling of drifting in space, something really special was needed… The Polidome 300 full dome 360 immersive projection tent turned out to be perfect!

Polidomes mapping dome tents have a wide range of applications. They can be used not only to promote products or companies but also as spherical cinemas and professional spaces for spherical projection.

Thanks to a specially designed projection shell, images and animations projected directly on the inside of the tent are breathtaking. Professional audiovisual equipment guarantees that everyone interested in this event can feel like a real astronaut! This event and others prove that our products can meet any challenge!

Installation of our spherical projection dome tents is always at lightning speed, as it was for this event … Thanks to our tireless and hardworking team, Polidomes guarantees professionalism and 100% satisfaction.

We can build Polidomes dome structures anywhere in the world, even on busy Columbus Square! No matter where you need spherical dome tent – we’ll be there when you need us, we have no limits!