Astra Film Festival is one of the oldest international film festivals in Romania. Though its history dates back to 1993, it has taken place regularly since 2006. Every year, the Romanian town of Sibiu hosts documentary film enthusiasts, directors and film critics from around the world.

This great cultural event is mainly a place for documentary filmmakers to meet, discuss, exchange their views and present their work. The festival brings together people associated with the film world, both those with years of experience and those just trying to get started. The highlight of the festival, however, is the presentation of documentary films of every length and subject. Then, a jury judges each on visual quality, artistic commitment and clarity of the director’s point of view, both in terms of content and form of the whole documentary work. Besides the competitive aspects, the festival is enriched with special screenings, film retrospectives and thematic sections offering a variety of works from the great masters of the genre.
This project was made by NEW MEDIA Company which is our partner when it comes to immersive projection events inside our Projection geodesic dome tents.

Every year the festival is gaining more and more notoriety on a global scale, and organizers involve more and more companies in the event. In putting together such a festival, they needed a place that was specially designed both to meet the expectations of the organizers as well as accommodate all interested in this important event. Our Polidomes 300 Projection geodesic dome tent was up to the challenge one hundred percent, becoming a spherical cinema specially for the occasion!
Our structures are easy to install, so setup is quick and efficient – even at faraway events. Choosing a larger-size tent gives a sense of space and perfectly fits the atmosphere of the whole event, creating a unique atmosphere. From the skeleton to the shell, every part of the tent is durable and safe. This is certainly a very important feature, especially when the event involves a large number of participants. Our company is open to new challenges, as in this way we can develop and improve our Projection geodesic domes. We invite you to contact us and learn more about our offer!