Polidome 30 purchased by Florens Market became a perfect greenhouse for cultivation and exhibition of plants.

What needs a person passionate about growing beautiful plants? A place where warmth, sunlight and air moisture meet in the perfect combination! That’s where Polidomes garden dome igloo with 30 square meters flooring became a great choice.

The geodesic shape of Polidomes greenhouse is very energy efficient – it keeps the hit in and the sun as it tracks across the sky gives hit evenly all day long. The geodesic shape dome is what makes dome igloo so strong and unique, it will handle all the snow loads and the wind simply flows right around it.

Besides the dome shape advantages, the greenhouse with the transparent front and full of flowers looks very organic and eco friendly.

The indisputable advantage is the portability of Polidomes greenhouse! In the case of Florens Market it gives the possibility to use their igloo dome tent different ways. Besides the fact that Polidome 30 is perfect as a growing dome, it’s also used by the company as a booth at home and garden trade shows and as a cozy environment for different social projects. No surprise that Florens Market left us so many positive reviews.

These are only a couple of reasons why Polidomes geodesic greenhouse dome for sale is a very popular solution for business, but also for your own backyard!

How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse?

Easy! Just grab a friend and together you can assemble the Polidome 30 in a couple of hours! Without any doubt, such a garden dome igloo is an easy and reliable way to upgrade your backyard. It’s mobile, robust, convertible and easy to assemble. Using Polidomes geodome greenhouse you will create a comfortable environment for smart gardening or luxurious gazebo to have a glass of wine under the stars. It can also serve as play area or cover for the backyard swimming pool!

If you appreciate functional solutions, please contact one of our advisers, and we’ll be happy to help you pick out the best option for your needs!