The owner of L’angolo Italiano restaurant, located on the market square in Świebodzin was looking for a way to increase winter traffic as their restaurant centers around their summer garden and they only have two indoor tables during winter months.

The answer was one of Polidomes Igloo Restaurant dome tents which supplies the restaurant with five or six additional tables – a triple increase in the amount of customers they can now serve for an inexpensive investment.

L’angolo’s igloo dome tent stayed fully booked every weekend for the entire last winter season. Needless to say, Ms Magdalena, the owner, is highly pleased with the enormous return on her investment.

During the hot summer months the igloo dome tent is easily disassembled and stored away until autumn.

L’angolo restaurant used a P-20 m2 transparent Igloo equipped with a transparent, weather proof cover, a zip lock door, infrared space heater and LED lighting.

Polidomes Igloo domes are ideal for restaurants and bars looking to provide safe, private, outdoor dining conditions for their customers in a unique atmosphere.

  • Attract customers – Our transparent igloo restaurant domes draw customers like magic.
  • Privacy with a view – Besides the futuristic design, guests love the seclusion and privacy the Igloo restaurant dome offers and being able to enjoy the surrounding 360° panoramic view.
  • Year-round use – Provide outdoor service year-round regardless of the weather – rain, snow or shine, the dome’s cover is built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and keep guests protected and cozy inside.
  • Setup anywhere – The domes can easily be installed anywhere — on a rooftop terrace, garden or any outdoor location surrounding a restaurant or bar or easily moved to a new location such as for an event.

Igloo Domes Specifications

Igloo Framework -The framework is made of high-quality, painted, galvanized steel and easily supports additions such as lighting or hanging plants.

Igloo flooring – The framework can be easily attached to any flat surface or set on our ballasted and insulated hardwood floor system.

Igloo Dome Cover – The heavy duty, transparent outer cover is 5mm thick and built to last for years. The material is fire-resistant, mildew and tear resistant. Comes with heavy duty zip-lock door.

Ventilation system – Igloo domes rely on five hidden ventilation portals to provide a continual flow of fresh air and a natural moisture removal system. The Igloo domes can also be easily equipped with a small HVAC system.

Three sizes – 3.6 m diameter (2-6 persons), 4m diameter. (6-8 persons) and 5m diameter (8-12 persons)

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